Friday, 7 May 2010

A little dumfing in the night!

It's always a mistake to go to bed late.
We all need a good night's sleep - it boosts the batteries and if you are not too well, it is the time when your body works its best on the healing process.
So - silly me sat up late watching the election news. I am not motivated greatly by politics - like many, I get cross with the puerile arguing and quarrelling and I really just want them to do the job we put them there to do!!!

I suppose I was just out of my normal routine and that was why my head was whizzing with thoughts and ideas.

Of course, its always better to unwind and think nice relaxing thoughts, instead, my brain went into crafting over-drive. It often used to happen when I was teaching. I always had my best ideas at about 3.30 am!!! (My problem was remembering them when I eventually woke from a rambling doze at about 6.30.)

What on earth were you thinking about then?- I hear you ask.

Hand dumfing with one needle, hand punch dumfing (Clover punch -5 needles) and machine dumfing with my Huskystar embellisher.

Now of course you will all have seen Wipso's fab dumfing tutorial

She explains beautifully what we do.
After I blogged my peacock picture on my last blog, lots of folk still wanted more info on how I do it. Well if I really knew, I could make a fortune!! Lol
I just get an idea and then choose yarns and wools that will do what I have in mind. After that, well, its a mystery, it just seems to happen.
I sit with my little dumfing brush on my lap and work away with my Clover punch and my single needle.
It is too long a process to video so I thought maybe I could photograph a few stages so that you can see the process. At least then, if you have never needle-felted you will see how it works.

I have a few ideas for more dumfy birds... cockerel, heron, bullfinch and dove.
So watch this space all you interested folk!


Wipso said...

I have a feeling holding a camera in one hand whilst dumfing with the other is just too much for even you so maybe it's something we should do on a fun day Monday :-)
A x

Lyn said...

I love your dumfling, the peacock is so beautiful. I have played with needle felting 3D but not like yours, gorgeous!

pebbledash said...

Hello Jo, thank you for paying me a visit and leaving a lovely message. I somehow managed to avoid staying up late last night to see the election unravel, assisted by having no tv, though I can often be found glued to the internet!

I've never heard of the word dumfling! Love your needle felting, especially that baby owl!

Happy weekend,
Diana x

Julie said...

Oh I'd love to see you do your thing!! I shall keep an eye out! Juliex




tammykingdon said...

For me, the best creativity comes when I'm not thinking about it, maybe that's why your best ideas come when you're half asleep. This 'meditative'approach is written about by Betty Edwards in 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain'. My problem seems to be actually switching ON my thinking brain lol

Clare *Littlebear* said...

I shall be watching this space. I can tell that the main ingredients to good dumfing is a big dose of creativity!
Clare x

Paula Gale said...

I think your creations are awesome Jo. More peacocks please - what plans do you have for the one you made the other day??? Peacocks are something else I like as well as the lovely robin you did me - did you take any pics of that - if not, i'll do the honours for you.

You are so talented... your blog with Annie should be the talented sisters rather than crafty sisters

Paula x x x

I know all about the sleep thing btw!!!

Felted House said...

I stayed up late with the election but sadly had no creative thoughts to accompany my lack of sleep! xx

mckinkle said...

What a fabulous Peacock! You are so talented, I get lost even trying to read what you do but blimey, the results are astounding!

Beautiful work! And yeah, far better than watching snooker! lol!

Keryn x

Gez said...

Ooh a tutorial would be divine. :) Your peacock is STUNNING!!

clyder said...

Dear Jo, Thank you so much for your quick response to my request.I too use the Ravelry site for patterns and have had a spell oh knitting the Windmill washcloths both to use as a dishcloth( in basic white cotton) but also as a flannel when knitted in pastels for babies and brightly coloured for adults. i wrap them round a small tablet of soap and tie with ribbon for little gift ideas.Once more many thanks,Meg(clyder in 20 mins)