Friday, 14 May 2010

Just a little shrug.

Wipso picked up her crochet hook last night and made gorgeous little hexagons. Pop over and check them out here.
I am more of an evening knitter. Since P was born I have been making little shrugs for her - she loves them. She is 18 months old now and can pull them on and off by herself - no fastenings of course!
Well now I have another great-niece so the above little shrug is for baby L.
It only takes a little more than 50g and I had some Patons Crofter left over from cardis that I knitted for them both. Crofter is random wool that produces a "fairisle" pattern when knitted up. However, when knitting tiny garments, it takes just a little planning and "engineering" to balance the colours so that it looks right. I can knit one in two evenings, so there is a great sense of satisfaction at having watched all of the recent political fun and games on TV and also produced this cute little garment!


her at home said...

You are so clever with your hands! Your family are very lucky to have you create such beautiful thins for them!

Ikki said...

What a talented crafter you are! Have read your question and I'm unsure as to what you need as I have looked at your broches and some are on plain and some patterned card. So, why a plain centre? Please contact me and we can sort it. ikki x

Wipso said...

Oh that is just soooooo cute Sis. Little L will look such a poppet in it. Thank you so much.
A x

mckinkle said...

I'm with you on the quick makes! I love them and this is just gorgeous, it would have been such a waste had you not made it and its just such a versatile little item! Especially with our weather at present!

Keryn x

Annie said...

The is so cute. I know if I EVER have grandbabies my whole crotcheting vision will change.

Bettythebaglady said...

Twiglet Lovely shrug. That yarn is great. My niece is learning to knit and she's been using it to knit wrist warmers. She's a way to go yet but at least the yarn makes it much more fun.Love BettyXXX

Amanda said...

Hello! Thank you so much for popping over to Amanda Makes! I've been enjoying Wipso for a while now and it's great to meet you! Your blog is lovely and i'm looking forward to a good rummage in your archives! Much love, Amanda xxx

Paula Gale said...

I recon you have super powers and are not of this earth = you have too many skills to be human LOL

Lovely shrug - wish I was that tiny!!!

Paula x x x

Chrissie said...

My mum was a brilliant knitter and crochet star. I'm afraid I haven't inherited the crochet gene, but I can knit a bit!
Sadly my daughter doesn't seem to favour hand knitted items for her little one!!
This is fabbo. It look so tiny... and I love the colours!

Dawn said...

Oh what a lovely shrug and great that she is so clever (Taking them of and putting them on so cute) I love the sound of your charity buy (new wedding veils) I am sure with your many talents you will come up with something for them. I was out yesterday and saw some beautiful hearts in the dumfh style you make 3 x Hearts nearly £4 (very expensive) just shows what a skill it is that you have.

Love Dawn xx

all kinds of everything said...

This is so cute!
You’re very clever with the knitting needles.
The wool is lovely!

You are quite right
I also like to create something while watching TV

Crafty Chris said...

Hi This little shrug is gorgeous boy you are very talented and very quick, thanks for your lovely comment, I will show the bag i got on wednesday, some of it is braid for round a chair, cant think of the name but hopefully you know what I mean. hope your having a nice weekend.
Christine x

Shropshire Suz said...

Hi keep trying l'm sure you will master the African Flower soon
Glad you're enjoying my blog chatter
Hugs xx

CreatedandFelted said...

The little shrug is a real delight!
I so agree about evening knitting.It's the best time of day for me to settle down with the soft click of my bamboo needles. ( If I'm not knitting I just fall asleep!)

clyder said...

Hi Twiglet, I think your shrug looks super. Is there any chance you would tell me the make of pattern and number? Megb
I live about 27 miles from Fiona in Wensleydale, but a real yorkshire lass, born and schooled in York