Sunday, 5 April 2009

Spring and a special day

What a glorious start to a day that is filled with wonderful memories of a very special father.

The sun shone in a clear blue sky and our hills looked stunning, basking in its warmth.

My spring flowers were scenting the air with the delicate perfume of narcissus and grape hyacinth. Yesterday I saw my first swallow - just one. Yes, I know that doesn't make it summer but it bodes well and gives a positive lift, telling us that all is well with the natural world.

My sister spent time in her garden too - its hers now but was Dad's so it's filled with such good vibes, making it a treasured place to be. She sent me a photo of the delicate blue forget-me-nots, Dad's favourites, growing down at the bottom of the garden where we always feel so close to that wonderful man, who died twenty years ago today.
A good friend mentioned something which reminded me of this little poem:
There is always a face before me,
A voice I would love to hear,
A smile I will always remember
Of the one I loved so dear.
We cannot bring the old times back,
When we were all together,
But those we loved don't go away:
They walk with us for ever.


Wipso said...

Yes, he will never be far from us here. I'm certain he looks down and smiles on us working together on our Mondays [and any other day we can sneak in]. This morning the sun shone, the birds sung their hearts out and the flowers looked so beautiful in his garden. Happy memories. We were truly blessed to have had such a special Dad even if he was take from us far too soon.

mountainear said...

Glad you could enjoy lovely Dad memories on this beautiful spring day.

Swallows already! I've got my eyes peeled and am hopeful. Nothing as yet though.

Calico Kate said...

Oh Twiglet what a lovely blog and lovely photos. I did like that poem too I shall have to copy it out.
Thank you for dropping by on my blog.