Thursday, 9 April 2009

Happy Easter!!

Just a bit of fun for Easter!

I made a super set of Easter cards with little needle felted bunnies but forgot to take a snap of them before I posted them to elderly aunts and a friend or two. So, here are the lambs and chicks I needle felted. Not as pretty but cute all the same.

This week I have been working in the garden mentioned in my previous blog. Tuesday was another perfect spring day and such a privilege to spend it digging and planting in that special place. The birds sang in the trees all around me as I worked peacefully by myself on the little plot of land, once so beautifully managed by my Dad. It was his pride and joy, providing fruit and vegetables to feed the family for most of the year. He was a great teacher and loved nothing more than having his girls pottering alongside him as he dug, raked and planted. We learned all we know by lending him a helping hand. Well, I am sure we thought we were helping but, at the tender age of about three onwards, maybe we didn't always get it quite right. He never discouraged us and I guess that sowed the seeds of our love of gardening. (Excuse the pun!)
So we now have onions, beetroot and potatoes planted and a good piece of the plot dug over ready for beans, courgettes and salad leaves.

He would have been so proud of the way we are working together and pleased that he passed on so much of his knowledge so successfully. Just as I was about to leave, I heard the twittering of the returning house martins. Three of them were swooping through the blue sky high above my head - early I think, but a very welcome sight.


Lindsay said...

Glad you are enjoying the veg plot. We have started off the same veg as you in the neighbour's garden (see blog) except for beetroot. We have also started off dwarf broad beans - yum yum!

Ladybird World Mother said...

Isnt it exciting to get started again after that winter... we have the first of the swallows just arrived! So thrilling to hear them again.

Calico Kate said...

I do like your little needle felted cards, as you say what fun! I am going to do another felting course in May and hope to do some needle felting like this. I have done NF when embellishing - or sticking wayward pieces back down but not the '3D' kind of stuff. Looking forward to it.
Well done on getting your veg patch started I am struggling here as the ground is still really too wet and heavy to dig.

Anonymous said...

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