Sunday, 19 April 2009

An eye for a bargain.

My daughter returned from a long weekend business/pleasure trip to Hong Kong and chose to spend Friday and Saturday at home here, with us.
We both enjoy a little retail therapy so popped into town to look at fabrics for dressmaking. Nothing caught our eye, although there is plenty to choose from in Watson & Thorntons. On our way back to the car we just happened to call in at T J Hughes and ten minutes later came out with 2 skirts for ten pounds. One was a size 10, long, gypsy style, Per Una reject in black and cream. The other was a size 16 indian style skirt, in grey and black, with sequins.
By Saturday night we had transformed the black one into two super skirts, which my fashionable daughter thought ideal for summer day and evening wear. We chopped the bottom frills off the gypsy skirt making a neat knee length size 10. The frills were then re-cut and attached to a plain, black skirt yoke made from a scrap of jersey fabric. The effect was a sort of ra- ra skirt about twenty inches long and perfect for a twenty something, young lady with perfect figure!
The grey skirt was recut to make a knee length size 10, leaving enough to make a short A - line skirt from the remainder.
Four skirts for a tenner - how's that for beating the credit crunch!!! Not only that, - we had a happy time enjoying each other's company as we sewed, tried on, unpicked and tried again. It's great having quality time together- time to chat and mull over the important things in life and time for laughter and love.


Wipso said...

What a lovely blog. Special moments to be cherished.

mountainear said...

You clever people. I'm astounded and flabergasted - but mostly mega-impressed at your joint ingenuity.

snailbeachshepherdess said...

You clever twiglet you!
Have been reading back through your blogs - can remember your dad in his garden - we were the scruffy lot hanging over the fence under the conker tree! Was admiring the large green churn this very morning!!