Friday, 27 March 2009

Knitting for aids orphans in South Africa

I blame the internet blog sites - If a blog has a link to a site that interests me, then I have to follow the link.
Last week I was a guest visiting and the topic was knitting. Someone had added this link so off I went to investigate.

I have lots of oddments of wool, so this week I used the hat pattern on that site and knitted these little ones for aids orphan babies. Now all I have to do is parcel them up and post them.
I hope they get there ok and that 3 little ones can be warmer and cosier.
I might use the rest of my scraps for blanket squares next.


Wipso said...

Oh how lovely they are and in my fav colour too :-)

Wipso said...

hehehe how did that little extra bit get there?