Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Crafty developments!

Our latest craft project is needle felting. This involves using dyed wool rovings and sharp barbed needles to create wool sculptures and pictures. I have seen it at craft exhibitions alongside wet felting which I have dabbled with a little. Recently, whilst surfing the web, I came across a few needle felted items and my interest was stirred! Of course once I shared this with my clever, sewing sister we were off on a journey of discovery. If you have an hour or two to spare and want to see some clever stuff - just google "needle felted sculptures" or "needle felted pictures" and see what the really clever folk are doing!

You will see from my photos that we are just dabbling but its great fun.

Mine are the little pictures which I have mounted on cards so that my daughter can sell them for the charity she works for.

I have sculpted a gerbil and a meerkat but I think I need more practice!!
On the other hand my sister is well away, as you can see from the little animals she has made.

Watch this space for more crafty developments!


Wipso said...

This blog should come with a health warning....Needle felting is very addictive and it's contagious. Once you start you can't stop and the next person to you needs to have a go. It's very relaxing and good to use as stress therapy.

mountainear said...

That sister is soooooooo clever. Take a look at the blog: http://www.allaroundus.blogspot.com

You might have to work your way through it to find the wonderful needle felt creations - but they are there. Makes me want to have a go.

Wipso said...

Call in Mountainear and I will show you how. Once you start you will never stop. :-)

Calico Kate said...

I am a recent convert to wet felting which I just love (I blogged about that a month or so ago). In May am going to do another 'advanced(!)' felting course where apparently we will be doing needle felting - I can't wait. I have done a little embellishing or correcting using the needle method but not a 3D piece. So exciting.
Thanks to Mountainear for that link too.

Un Peu Loufoque said...

Oh you are so clever, a friend made a sheep from rovings ( she is a weaver) using this method but nothing as pretty as these!!