Tuesday, 17 March 2009

For all bird lovers.

Check out the link to the RSPB website - Moments page.

Along with hundreds of other bird watchers, I added one or two of my favourite bird photos that I have taken recently. Today, my photo of a pheasant strutting proudly across my back lawn is the "moment of the moment" on the first page!!
There are some stunning photos there with wonderful captions.
Bird watching can be as simple as having a couple of feeders in your garden to entice them in.
The rewards can be so uplifting.
I never cease to be amazed and delighted by nature in all its aspects. Birds have a special place in my heart, especially the little robins who appear at times when I am need of a special "moment".

PS Just been back on "Moments" page and it has changed.
If you want to see my pic you can put pheasant, garden, robin or water in as a keyword search and they will appear - twiglet.


Lindsay said...

Found your pheasant - he had moved from "moment of the moment" - so I found him by searching for "pheasant". Perhaps the "moment" photo changes each minute? Good photo by the way!

Twiglet said...

Hi Lindsay - Blimey that was quick!! He He - you are right - its gone already. I am so glad I made my photographer husband come and look earlier - otherwise he wouldn't have believed me!!!!

mountainear said...

Well done with your moment of fleeting pheasant fame. I'm off for a nose too......