Friday, 22 April 2016

Friday smile

Well now, what a lovely, unexpected gift this is!
I love surprises don't you?
I did a little crafty job for a friend and today this arrived.
It's a beautiful, little Emma Bridgewater vase with the prettiest frilly, palest pink tulips and creamy hyacinths.
AND a box of chocs too!
Thanks lots to the thoughtful lady who sent them.

So, this is what made me smile today and I am sure, as the flowers open, they will keep me smiling into next week.
If you want to join in with Annie's Friday smiles, then pop over to her "A Stitch in time" blog and see what everyone else is smiling about today.
Have a lovely weekend.
x Jo


Annie said...

Oh how lovely...well deserved I'm sure.
Annie x

Lisca Meijer said...

Beautiful! The vase as well as the flowers (not forgetting the chocolate).
Have a good week,

Angela Radford said...

Now that is enough to make anyone smile. Enjoy your weekend, Angela x

mamapez5 said...

I'd never have thought to use hyacinths as cut flowers, but I bet they smell lovely. What a super gift. No wonder you are smiling. Kate x