Wednesday, 17 February 2016

WOYWW - room for crafting!


Good morning all!
I thought I would share our little gift sent to us from Sam aka Hettie. She said she saw it and thought of us - so kind and such a fab little book. I love Janet Bolton's work and I know a little boy who would love some Noah's ark collage pictures for his wall so I am sure the book will provide lots of inspiration. Thanks Sam.

Now don't faint but, yes, I am actually getting somewhere with the organising and sorting in my room.
I still need one more Kallax cupboard to complete the look but will need to get a shopping list ready for Ikea before I take the 80 mile round trip. 
So, below are just two photos of the room so far.
The heart shaped message board was made by the clever quilter Jo of Jozarty. It looks good there don't you think?

At least now we can craft in comfort without having to climb over boxes and bags of "stuff"

This week I finished off the little aran jumper and made a few more Twiddle mitts - so it's been a knitting marathon. When I started making the mitts I sorted out all my most suitable wool. Since then it seems to have doubled in quantity!!! Does anyone else find this happens when you begin a little kind deed?
When we made dresses for the "Dress a girl around the world" scheme the same thing happened. Fabric appeared from nowhere and we ended up making over 400 dresses!
I am not sure I could knit that many twiddle mitts but nevertheless that wool is definitely reproducing in my cupboard over night!
Here is Ben's aran jumper - it worked up a tad too big so I will save it for the Autumn and knit a smaller one for him.

Well that's it for this week.
See you around your desks later.
Have a great week.

x Jo


Annie said...

Craft room is really looking fab now Jo....many happy hours will be spent in there I'm sure. The jumper looks fab but not as cute as the little one that modelled it for us yesterday :-)
Hugs me
Annie x

Neet said...

Your room looks fabulous! Envy!!
Great knitting, now I need to search back through to the dark ages when I could knit and remember how to knit a cable stitch or two - but first of all I need to know how to knit on a circular needle - don't think I ever did that. Or did I do it in second year when I had to knit socks! Ugh!!! As if I would ever knit them again!
Hugs, Neet 13 xx

Inside the artists shed said...

80 mile round trip to Ikea? Fortunately ours is only 15 mins away - or unfortunately for hubby! Well done on the twiddles and yes I too understand about the stash multiplying overnight but your room is looking really good. have fun this week x Jackie 24

Tilly Tea Dance said...

The sewing room is getting there and ready for some serious crafting. The aran jumper is great - the boy will look fab in that next winter!

Sharon said...

Your room looks great! I love all the white - I went with that in my room too. The red gives it a nice pop of colour - including the heart-shaped board.

I like the jumper.

Sharon K #42

shazsilverwolf said...

Loving the Room Jo, and IKEA too! Where would we crafters be without them. And I bless their meatballs too, lol. I can actually get Hubby to go shopping there, just because he can have meatballs, lol.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #6 xxx

Diana Taylor said...

Your craft room is looking fabulous - the furniture is very pretty and looks lovely with the splashes of bright red. That's a cute little jumper too, I can't believe you said you'd simply knit another one - that pattern looks so complicated - he'd be a teenager by the time I'd finished knitting it I'm sure!
Hope you have a good week,
Diana #21

Helen said...

what a fabulous craft room - wish I had room (or could make room!) for some storage- that would be so helpful.. one day maybe! Thanks for visiting. Helen #1

Anne said...

Your room is looking fab Jo. Love the jumper he will soon grow into it I'm sure :-) We are lucky ( well DH may not agree) that IKEA quite close 15 mins if traffic not too bad. Not good for the finances though!!! Anne x 17

Nikki said...

Your Craft room is looking wonderful with all those pops of red and beautiful sweater you knitted too hugs Nikki 3

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Woohoo, the room's looking good! Will you ever leave?
What a fab book Hettie sent you, you'll be making good use of that!! And that's such a fab Arran, you must knit at supersonic speed, the way you churn things out. Lightning fingers :-)
Hugs, LLJ 9 xxx

Lynn Holland said...

I love your spick n span room and Ben's jumper. You are always wonderfully busy.
Lynn xx 15

JoZart Designs said...

Your room looks super and how lovely to see the message board fitting in so well colourwise! Ben's jumper is beautifully knit and I am sure it will fit him in no time.
Jo x

Hettie said...

My pleasure Honey. Loving your room. Perhaps I can have a return trip but this time to see yours??
Lovely jumper there.