Wednesday, 13 May 2015


 Welcome to my WOYWW table for this week.

As you can see, I am still busy with my ATCs but only the reverse side is on show - the ones on the right are awaiting their hand embroidery.
So, that's one side of my craft room.
Now here is a treat for you all....
 This is the opposite side - not too bad is it? Not really, considering I can't move my cupboards and drawers that they will eventually be going in until our old house is sold.

Ha ha - well now, the real truth!!!
This is the spare room .....
Where on earth am I going to put all this stuff!!
I know a good sort out and tidy up will help but there is far too much of everything.
I just know if I send it to charity or bin it then the very next day I will need it!
Oh well - it will keep me out of mischief for a day or two.
I hope you enjoy snooping through it all.

If you are joining Julia and the gang at the crop have a wonderful day.
Annie and I have posted a big parcel with ATCs for all at the crop.
Mine is like a lucky dip - just take your pick!

Some folks have said they will swap with me - Angela R and Juliab - can you email me with your details as I can't get on to Google+.

Have a great week
x Jo


MrsC.x said...

good luck with your sorting

Happy WOYWW thanks for sharing

Charlie.x #13

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh dear lady...seeing your spare room reminds me too much of what I've been dealing with for the past 3 weeks. Made a good dent but ..........Life goes on. I would like to exchange ATC's will send mine to you or Annie. Our weather helped in the process of starting them. COLD, WINDY, Gloomy and more rain today. But not complaining simple compared to NEPAL's earthquake. So sad. Best wishes on tiding up. Have fun at the crop and Happy WOYWW.

Anonymous said...

LOL! The Real Truth :) Lovely snoop. I'll make sure to bring an ATC for you both to the crop and swap there. Looking forward to seeing them - yours are always so lovely. Hope this posts OK and Happy pre-crop WOYWW!
Mary Anne (1)

Annie said...

We have so much in common at the mo Jo but I have a feeling you will get your stash sorted before me lol
Love having you closer 😀
Big hugs,
Annie x

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Jo --- ooow your ATCs look fabulous, you have been busy. I too find it hard to 'throw' things away but I too will have to have a clean out when we move in Sept. Cheers and enjoy your week RobynO#15

AnyOldCraft said...

Loving all your craft goodies.
Like me it looks like you are into all types of different crafting.
Mind you I haven't tried felting yet. Love the bits you have on your desk. :) #31

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Thanks for stopping by after I went to sleep. I like the looks of the ATCs and understand the need for a good sort out. Lord help me if I ever have to move again. Your spare room looks rather good to me. I'm sure with careful planning, you'll figure out how to consolidate things.

I've sent ATCs to Julia, too, so you'll get one from me, as will Annie. Happy last Wed before the crop from #9.

Sandy Leigh said...

Jo, thank you so much for your sweet visit! I see what you mean...but you should not feel guilty, since you can't really do too much yet. I know that sorting out can involve some hard decisions, especially for us crafters who know we can use everything! But recently, I did throw some things out that could be considered usable stash...I really felt a lot better afterwards. Ooh...I would love one of your ATCs, thank you and hugs!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jo, I hope you are enjoying working in your new craft room even though you can't have your cupboards and drawers for your stash just yet. From experience I know that if you do give/toss away stuff you will definitely wish you hadn't very soon afterwards. It's happened to me every time I have moved house!!! Your ATCs look lovely. I haven't had time to even think about them so I think I'll have to opt out this year, much to my regret. Have a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #49

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I think you've done rather well already, knowing how much stash you had before, lol! That lot will all shake down into drawers and cupboards when you get it probs!
I don't know if Annie's mentioned it, but I'm up your way between 3-10th July. Fancy a coffee???
HUgs, LLJ 18 xxx

Shel C said...

Well..on the positive..moving house does force you to sort through the piles LOL. Maybe I need a good house move! Thanks for sharing :) Shel @ PaperOcotilloStudio

sandysewin said...

Moving is definitely NOT a time to have expectations of neatness. But it is a good time to get organized! :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

Happy creating and happy woyww,

Sandy #30

Debbie Rock said...

Thanks for popping by my desk earlier ... I shall be sure to give Julia your ATC on Saturday! I have to say the thought of having to pack my house up to move would fill me with dread ... and I think I would need a whole removal van just for my craft stuff ... good luck with your move and hope it all goes smoothly for you. Love to you, Debbie xXx

Helen said...

ooh piles and piles waiting to be sorted...have a few of those and I'm not moving!! Good luck. Helen 4

pearshapedcrafting said...

What a tease! I am taking an ATC to the crop for you! Hope you get things to your liking soon! Chrisx 55

Hettie said...

I feel your pain with clearing stuff!! I dread the thought of packing my craft room up for a move...I am staying put until I am in my box!!
Not sure about the clocks in the cloakroom other than many men spend an awful long time in there....including mine!!

Angela Radford said...

Hi Jo just sent you my details. ATCs finished more or less. Good luck at organising your stuff. There are things I haven't used for ages but then suddenly you need them so I understand your fear of the clear out.
Have a good woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 34

Nikki C said...

I sent some ATC's to Annie for both of you popped it in the post today :
It's tough to part with stuff, I'm sure you'll figure it all out
hugs Nikki 2

Claire Grantham said...

Hey thanks for the visit, I would love to swap with you too msg me via Google+ or my blog if you want to swap. We always seem to have too much stuff or is it not enough storage?! The card did go in a box in the post. Cx #3

lisa said...

You have a lovely space there, Jo although it looks like you have a huge job on your hands sorting everything. Bet you can't wait for your cupboards to arrive.
Thanks for popping by earlier.
Hugs Lisax #25

Christals Creations said...

Good luck sorting. I can't bear the thought of getting rid of stuff but I know I will have to at some point realistically as it's taking over the spare/craft room. . .

glitterandglue said...

Great pictures, Jo. How reassuring - I live permanently thinking I should really move some things on.... never happens, though!!! Boxes, drawers, shelves, and cupboards - all full of arty things....
Thanks for the visit and your good wishes for John.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #11

Lyn said...

My workroom is such a mess and I can't work in it when it is a mess so I keep shutting the door on it! Happy sorting! xxx

Sherry said...

I haven't done WOYWW for ages! Thanks for visiting my blog anyway and for your lovely comment on my patchwork pouch.

Congratulations on your move - so much crafting stuff, but yes, it's all needed sooner or later (well, that's what I always tell myself!)

Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

Neet said...

Hope you are good at bending down Jo. Never mind about the mess in the spare room, it will get sorted one day and you can do it in your own time.
Happy Moments in your new home.
Hugs, Neet 19 xx

Eliza said...

Thanks for the sneaky look into the spare room and corner of your room we all have stuff like this somewhere. Your desk looks like it is in the middle of a felting war and good for you with the tools at the ready.

Happy belated WOYWW
Hugs Eliza & Yoda 67

Ohhh Snap said...

oooooo needlefelting! Beautiful colors. Awesome ATCs. Have fun with the sorting. I find it to be a true home shopping experience lol. #58