Wednesday, 25 June 2014

WOYWW - latest crafty activities!

Good morning all!!

This week I have been mostly dumfing little "fairy gardens" and sewing camouflage fabric for a fellow WOYWWer. It's lovely to be able to help out other craty folk isn't it.
Caro asked if I would make a curtain for her little boy's under-bed den. I love a challenge!!
So we bought a double duvet in camouflage fabric and I have been busy with my little project.
I will let Caro show and tell the finished item when it is in place in the "top secret" den. Don't you just love the imagination of a child.

So - here's my table - well it's definitely there somewhere beneath the sea of camo- fabric.

AND here is a little collage of some of my favourite dumflings.

I had a brainwave for mounting and selling them.
These little canvasses are 10cm x 10cm.
I painted little scenes as a background and then attached my little dumflings.
(If only I had LITTLE dumflings!!!)

Let me know what you think.
Some of the others will go on cards.
Some may even go in my little frames that I am re-cycling.

Never a dull moment here!!

Join in the blog hopping fun over on Julia's Stamping Ground.
It's a great chance to see what we crafty WOYWWers get up to and you can give Julia a virtual hug and help her get better!

Have a great week.

x Jo


Annie said...

Your collage of the mounted dumflings don't show them at their best Jo...they are much nicer in real life.
Annie x

Neet said...

Just had a real smile at your comment on Annie's blog. Thanks for that.
Yes, your little gardens are wonderful (wink wink) and I a going to have a go at doing oner. The sun is out again today, yesterday was dull up north, well, where I am, but today promises to be sunny again so perfect excuse to sit in the sun and dumf!.
Hugs Neet 27 xx
btw - that's a heck of a lot of camo fabric you have there.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I think you and I both have voluminous, flowing dumflings rather than little ones..... grin!
I love the painted backdrops, it's the perfect foil for the flowers to sit on.
And your card arrived a couple of days is brilliant, Jo. You have such a knack of creating really lovely things (without any fuss!) I have really looked closely at all the stitching..I have got to learn how to do it. Who'd have thought that cupcake fabric would have turned out like that!!
Hugs, LLJ 16 xx

Claire said...

Look at those dreamy fairy gardens...
But why the camo? Surely the fairies aren't going into combat :(
Happy WOYWW x
no. 19

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Mm Jo do love the way you have done the dumflings on little watercolour fill ins.. wodnerful work but I do love Dumflings don't I !!??
Great colours.. kind of you to make that for Caro too happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x #14

cockney blonde said...

Love your dumflings and can't wait to see the finished den, x

Stacy Sheldon said...

Those florals look absolutely amazing. I just want to reach through the monitor and touch them all. the display looks great too :) ~Stacy #15

Sandy Leigh said...

Oh I just adore that dumfing collage! Sooo pretty! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #50

Gillian Pearce said...

Love your little collages. Amazing you can work that small. Very pretty.
Have a lovely week
Gillian #66

Julia Dunnit said...

Brainwave? Genius idea - they look gorgeous..and must paint more often! I love that you're helping Alex out with his secret den...that fabric is pretty un-summery huh..boys - they don't change much across generations do they!

Robyn said...

mounting those dumplings on those gorgeous backgrounds is genius! I hope you a re charing enough.
Feeling a warm jealousy for y'all who are "real" friends!
Robyn 10

Caro said...

Thank you so so much! Alex will absolutely love it and I will definitely show the den when it is all installed. On to prettier things - those dumflings are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#48)

glitterandglue said...

What do I think, Jo? I think your little dumflings are just beautiful. Well done - however you mount them they will look great.
Margaret #20

Helen said...

Love the idea of Alex with his den! I am sure it will be fabulous - as are your "little dumflings" - so beautiful!!

Anne said...

Read on Caro's blog that you were sewing for the den !!!! How lovely. Your dumfings are gorgeous - don't let anyone tell you differently :-)Happy WOYWW Anne x #38

Mrs.D said...

Gosh those dumflings are gorgeous, what a wonderful selection.
And those camouflage curtains are going to make Alex's den very special. Hope we get to see finished 'HQ'.
Chris #25

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Jo and happy WOYWW. Busy busy busy...the camo curtains are going to be great and a cool idea to reuse the duvet cover. Your dumfling is fabulous, yes mount them in frames or an canvas, great idea so special. Clever you, cheers and have a great week RobynO#29

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh I always love to see dumflings ! Just so unique and beautiful colors. What's something no many in the states know about
Have fun with the camoflouge ! Have a fun weekend. Rain 3 days in our forcast but I need to be inside and get things done!

MaggieC said...

I know that Annie is right and the photos do not show your little pictures as well as they really are, but they still look so beautiful and real mini treasures. However you mount them, they will always attract. Thank you for your visit. I am seriously late this week and I do not have the excuse of a power cut. I am just late! Hope you have a great week. My chair is quite comfy - if I can get to it. xx Maggie #60

Eliza said...

OMG they are beautiful and what a clever way to display them. Gosh there is never a dull moment with you and now you are creating a cam secret den now this one is interesting. I wonder if you need to contact MI6.

Neet's visit was clever. All done in gest.....

Hugs Eliza & Yoda

sandra de said...

Gorgeous dumflings.
Sandra De @57

Nikki C said...

Your Dumflings are stunning What a great idea to add painted backdrops for them :) hugs Nikki 11

fairy thoughts said...

Well you asked so here's what I think..... gorgeous, little pieces of textile art, I want to get my needles out now and make some too..... maybe tomorrow, the way I've been feeling lately I am due some me time.
Love the camo fabric .... I have been sewing with it too, but mine is pink.... yes pink, I will post it next week.
Hope the sale is still on track

Angela Radford said...

I love your little flowers, Dumflings, it's a very intresting name but fits them well.
Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x #43

Kelly said...

Love the colors on your canvas'. Look forward to seeing the top secret den... well... the enclosure hehe. Creative Blessings! Kelly #73

Laura said...

I can't see anything... (camouflage joke... no? I'll be quiet!)
I'm looking forward to seeing this den when it's completed. It looks nice and cosy so far.
Had a bit of spare time and thought I'd check out a few more desks :)

Nan G said...

I love your dumflings so I naturally love these. But they are fab little canvases! You didn't make pinned ores out the camo did you? Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #77