Friday, 6 June 2014

Friday smile

Just the view through my window of my neighbour's honeysuckle.
It is so pretty and the perfume is wonderful.

Have a good weekend everyone and join in Annie's Friday smile over on her "A stitch in time blog".

Thanks for mentioning my "Great Tits" Annie!

x Jo


Annie said...

It's a family problem Jo :-)
Love the honeysuckle :-)
Annie x

JoZart said...

Hi Jo, BTW, You aren't linked on to Fri Smile!
The honeysuckle is so wonderful and lucky you to be able to share it. All my plants grow over to my neighbours's side (towards the sun) and she gets the best display. She always comes and thanks me for whatever is in bloom.... on her side!
Have a great weekend.
Jo x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have honeysuckle in my back yard, but mine is pale yellow. I've never seen that beautiful pink before.

BTW, I get a big, big laugh every time you show your "great tits." The first time I saw that, I had to look up the bird on the internet. Now I know!!

Happy Friday FUN Smiles.

Laura said...

Nice of your sister to share your tits :D
Happy Friday

mamapez5 said...

That's a very special honeysuckle. What big flowers, and such a pretty colour.Lucky you to be able to share it. Kate x

Judys Fabrications said...

No, I've never seen a pink honeysuckle either.We had a yellow one at our old house.Can get a bit rampant(Mediterranean climate), but what a perfume!You can forgive a bit of rampantness!

cockney blonde said...

I love honeysuckle. Just waiting for my neighbour's to burst into flower, x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jo, gorgeous honeysuckle ... beautiful shot too ... I can almost smell it from here. Love your great tits too :) :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

BumbleVee said...

hahahha... you and Annie... girls after my own heart..... love the blossoms..... can smell them from here!

The Weaver of Grass said...

What an interesting honeysuckle - it is more like a tree.

Hettie said...

Gorgeous looking honeysuckle. That is nice of your neighbour to share it with you!
Nice tits!