Friday, 16 August 2013

Friday smile

Home grown veg!

I only have two small raised beds so don't imagine a huge allotment full!

BUT - it's always nice just to be able to nip into my garden and pick a handful of rocket or a few fresh herbs.
This week I have a tiny bunch of dwarf French beans and a few little beetroot.
 I am roasting the beetroot and will chop up the beans and steam them to go with a homemade meat pie that I am making for tea later. YUM!

The other thing that made me chuckle was the memory that came to mind as I chopped up a cereal box so that I could save the useful bits of card.

"Nothing funny about that!" I hear all the paper crafters say.

No, but it reminded me of when I was about 4 or 5 years old - that was in the 1950s!!
Soap used to come wrapped in a nice piece of crisp paper inside the trade wrapper.
I used to love unwrapping a fresh bar of soap and saving this small scrap of paper to write and draw on.  We didn't have much spare cash for drawing books and notepads.  
Just imagine the children of today having to do that.  ("Notebooks" were little books with lines on the paper in those days!!)
Happy days!

Join other Friday smilers over at Annie's blog "A stitch in time". You are sure to find something to smile at over there.

Have a great weekend.
x Jo


Gill Edwards said...

those beetroot look so scrummy Jo. I am trying to get into growing veg in a small way too.

Gill x

Annie said...

Love the veg Jo....and I have memories of those little notebooks too.....mine were filled with car reg numbers from hours of sitting on the wall at the front of the house recording them!!!! Oh how times have changed eh? :-)
A x

Elizabeth said...

Your homegrown veg looks tasty and I like your plans for them. I remember those tiny notebooks too and the jotters we had for school too. And how packaging has changed ... oh, for the return of some of it, I really struggle to get into most items nowadays. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Gosh, Jo, I never had a notebook when I was a child, or one now. I had lined paper that was designated for school use. I love what you did with that paper. I love paper crafts you DON'T buy at the craft store, but find along the byways of life. So, for me, that was a BIG GRIN today.

Angie said...

I sometimes think we would be better off if we went back to saving things. My mum usd to cut rubber gloves into rings ....small were from fingers ...large from wrists ...and store them ...they were used to tie off bags ....not sure she ever bought an elastic band.MIL grabbed all the good pieces of wrapping paper at Xmas ...neatly folded them for next year. My Nana used to untangle string from parcels ...back when all parcels in the post were secured with string ...pre celotape etc. Is what we have now really progress....after all there is this new idea that everyone is meant to do ...oh yes recycle lol xx

Caro said...

We are growing beans this year...the plant looks great with lovely flowers on it, but not a bean in sight! Love the look of yours. I always saved everything when I was growing up...some of the best patterned papers came from the inside of envelopes sent to my parents business/ Thanks for the smile! Caro x (#8)

Monica said...

yes i am late visiting but just recovering from trip west in RV. your veggies look good enough to eat off the screen. No I can remember a coloring book was a gift at birthdays or Christmas and the pencils and crayons used to stubs.

Julia Dunnit said...

Nothing better than harvesting your own legumes, larger small, and the taste reminds you why, every bite! Was thrilled to meet Annie and Doddy, it would have been perfect if you could have come too. maybe we can engineer a next time!

akilli melek said...

lol, i remember saving bubble gum wrappers because we thought if we rubbed them on the slides we could slide down them faster!

BumbleVee said...

oh, yummy ... fresh beets..... I wish...

maybe next year I should plant some veggies in my flower garden.... that'd get the neighbourhood's attention.... hahaha....


Used to have a veg plot years ago so I know how you feel. It is special growing your own, however little you grow. I too save bits of card like that - the rest of our house think I am crazy! xCathy

Neet said...

Gosh Jo, I remember the paper you are talking about with the soap - but I am a tad older than you are.
Love the baby beets!
Hugs, Neet xx