Friday, 9 August 2013

Finished by Friday with a smile!!

 My little LillyBo Quilt is all finished and packed neatly inside its little tote bag.
The 3 dollies are tucked in the pocket ready to go - and what a lot of excited giggling and smiles there have been - and that's just from me!!!!

Here is the finished quilt complete with its LillyBo Quilt label that says who made it, where and when and who it belongs to when it is eventually given to one of the little ones in hospital.

I have loved every minute of making it.
I think that watching Annie's little grand children grow up has made me truly appreciate how lucky we are to have healthy little ones around us. So every quilt goes with love and the very best wishes to each little child who will receive one.

If you would like to see more about Jo and how she is helping promote LillyBo Quilts at Abakhan fabric shop in Liverpool, then follow this link LillyBo Quilts. (It's worth a look!!)

Of course, in the process I have learned lots and each quilt gets better and better.
I even think I might invest in a bit more equipment to help make the quilt making process simpler.
Our friends who helped us last week with the bag making have all the right gear and Annie and I were quite taken with the big cutting board and rotary cutter.
So, I shall be surfing the web for a good price for them!!

Well, that's what made me smile this week.
How about you?
If you want to join in then follow this link to Annie's Friday Smile post on her "A stitch in time" blog.

Have a good weekend

x Jo


Annie said...

Jo thats truly stunning. So much love went into making that one :-)
A x

Di said...

Absolutely beautiful Jo - you truly do have a heart as big as a mountain.

Hugs, Di xx

Gina said...

That is very sweet and such a lovely thing to do! And I thought it was high time I left you a comments as you are always such a loyal follower on my blog.

mamapez5 said...

Another lovely quilt Jo. One of my quilting friends has the board and cutter. It was a God-send when she was cutting up mountains of 2" squares for our Christmas decoration kits. I'm sure for sewers like you and Annie it would be a very good investment. Kate x

The Weaver of Grass said...

This is just such a wonderful idea and nust give such pleasure to a sick child.

Pearly Queen said...

So sweet. Somebody will discover all the love you put into it and love it too...


JoZart said...

Oh Jo! I'm smiling at the results of your love and expertise. Your lovely words touch me and it is so wonderful that everyone who has made a quilt has put so much love into it. Thank you!
Jo x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is incredible. And I'm so impressed that you and Annie have put so much into these quilts for Jo(Zart). And you are right. This quilt puts a definite smile on my face.

Sorry I haven't been around sooner, but I was without internet for nearly three days.

Angie said...

That bag is amazing ...and a quilt too much work but an amazing result ...worth a big smile. xx

Friko said...

What absolutely darling things you make.