Friday, 5 April 2013

Friday Smile and Finished by Friday!

 Good morning all!

Check this nosey visitor on my doorstep- she kept peeking in through my kitchen door yesterday.

I was busy at my table facing the door and noticed this female pheasant. She seemed to be peeping in at me and was there for ages. I think she could see her relection and probably thought she had a competitor for the handsome male pheasant that frequents our garden.

I love my garden birds.
 For those of you who popped into my WOYWW post....

I did it!!! As I mentioned, I was just shortening M's dress and was a bit anxious to get it right.
Anyway, with a bit of practice and a steady hand on the machine, I think I have mastered it.
I was going to post a pic but decided not to - what a tease!
I just hope it's right when she tries it on again.

Thanks for calling.
If you want a real giggle today, then pop over to see Annie's post on "A Stitch in time".
I think the term "in the groove" is what we oldies would have called it.!!!

x Jo


Annie said...

Hehehe....if she isn't saying to you 'where is my breakfast?' I will be surprised. :-)
Fab pics.
A x

Lyn said...

I love my garden birds too but never seen a pheasant!

glitterandglue said...

Have all sorts of birds near us - but not seen pheasants nearby.
Well done with the dress - trust all will be just great.
Margaret (

Angie said...

Maybe she was thinking "whose the pretty girl in the mirror?"

Well done for sorting the dress ...but then you and Annie can do everything well. xx

Elizabeth said...

Oh, aren't you lucky to have such a lovely visitor - maybe she was hoping you'd take out something tasty for her to eat! I enjoy watching my visitors too and especially enjoy it when the two collared doves do a fly past :)

Oh, and you've answered my question as to whether you'd completed the dress alteration from Wednesday here - but what a tease you are :))

Have a wonderful weekend, Elizabeth xx

Carol said...

We get pheasants on the patio too! At one bit there were two pairs, now only one. A male pheasant has visited for several years, obviously doubt it is the original - wonder if they pass on "I know where you can get good grub" in their genes!
Thank you for the smile, have a lovely weekend.
Carol xx

Caro said...

I love your nosey visitor! Thanks for sharing. Caro #6

fairy thoughts said...

I think she just wants to come in the warm and who could blame her

Gill Edwards said...

I love my garden birds too, what a treat getting a visit from a pheasant though, so pretty.

Gill x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

How fab seeing a pheasant in the garden - I think I'm lucky with collared doves and a robin :-) My daughter and family who live next door have 12 hens of differing breeds so it's nice to watch them too.
Well done on getting the hem done.
I've been inspired by The Great British Sewing Bee to start making clothes again :-D
Anne x

Neet said...

We don't have pheasants around here but a while back (probably last year) we did have one peeking in at the door like that. Never thought he was probably looking at his reflection - I was on the outside and just thought he wanted inviting in. he flew off when i got out of the car.
Thanks for the smile
Hugs, neet xx

scrappymo! said...

Thanks for the peek at the pheasant! They are rarely seen here...I have seen a few in my day and it is considered a real treat...people mention it to others when they see one!

I have seen a male a few times but the females must hide more!!!

I remember when we went on the steam train from Pickering to Goathsland (sp) there were clouds of them flew out of the underbrush...20 and 30 at a time...we felt blessed to see something so spectacular!