Friday, 8 February 2013

Friday smile

Today's Finished by Friday has very little to show.
I have been making cards but I don't want to show them just yet.
So instead I thought I would just put a couple of pictures up for our Friday Smile.
Annie has a special link for all those who want to add a smile to their Friday post.
Join in with Annie's Friday smile - follow the link here.

My first picture looks as if this cheeky little squirrel is waiting for his breakfast on my patio table while the sun comes up!
(Actually it's the flash on my camera reflecting on the glass door.)

here is my orchid now that it's in full bloom.
It certainly makes me smile each time I open my kitchen curtains.
(The view across the hills is pretty good too!)

Have a lovely weekend.
Thanks for popping by.
x Jo


Annie said...

Hehehe love your pics. The munchkins have just been laughing at our squirrel on the bird feeders :-). See you soon
A x

Gill Edwards said...

Oh Jo, the squirrel has made me smile alright, i love them. The view from your window is spectacular, i dont think you could fail to smile seeing that every morning.

Gill x

Fuchsia said...

He is a cheeky chappie but cute ! and well done with the orchid its gorgeous xx

Angela Coles said...

there's something so cute and special about squirrels.

lovely flowers and pot

JoZart said...

Love your little squiggle, they're so cute! I adore orchids but sadly have no luck growing them.
Pop over to see you are the Smile on LillyBo this Friday!!! TYTYTYTY!!
Love Jo x

Caro said...

What a cheeky squirrel...we have one who has built a drey in the trees out back and keeps digging up my tulip bulbs! Thanks for the smile, love Caro x

JoZart said...

Well, my lady, I have just got to say that you did YOURSELF proud!! Credit where credit is due!!!
Jo x

Tracy said...

That squirrel is so cute. We dont get them here, so I love squirrels.

BumbleVee said...

At first glance I thought....oh, isn't he cute.... standing there looking at the sun coming through the branches.. he looks for all the world like he is shielding his little eyes with tiny paws......

pearshapedcrafting said...

Now that view would make me smile too and with your lovely orchid in bloom I bet you smile all the time in your kitchen - even when washing up!! Chrisx

Elizabeth said...

That view is to die for, Jo! It must be so lovely opening your curtains to see that vista every day, sigh! The orchid's not half bad too and I know squirrels are regarded as vermin by some but I just think they are so cute. Your photos are definitely something to smile about so thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx

Lyn said...

The squirrels do make me laugh! Hope that you have had a good weekend so far x