Thursday, 29 March 2012

New "HangAbouts"

Yesterday I posted a picture of the latest "HangAbout" that I had made for Kezzy.
Lots of folk left messages and emailed me so I thought I would make a couple more with the fabric I had AND also leave the link to the instructions for making them.

One is ivory with pink/red rosy design and pink lining. The other is pale blue with tiny pink floral design and pink lining.
All other details are over in the blog shop.

If you would like one then email me -

Jo of Jozart has made lots of these and even put really brilliant instructions on her blog (yes - with photos and everything - very clear and easy to follow). If you want to find out for yourself how to do it then follow this link to Jo's instructions -

So thanks Jo for all your help - you are a clever, arty person - I hope we get to meet up one day.


Annie said...

How pretty are those Jo. :-)
....And both made while I put my feet up knitting eh? :-)
A x

Jensters said...

Wow they are wonderful Jo....Well at least you was doing x

...the yorkshire fox... said...

...these are loVely...and your such a quick worker kind of you to share to-do instructions...Mel :)

Boxoftrix said...

Oh I love the fabrics you hace used in these handy hang abouts :)
Im so impressed at the amount of beautiful little dresses you have made for thos little girls what a star! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and comment Yvonne x

Dawn said...

Cool idea every crafter should have one ;0) XX