Sunday, 19 February 2012

Hello Dolly!

My talented little sister has been busy making these gorgeous little dolls.
They are only 28 cm tall and are just the perfect size for little ones to carry round and hug.
They are so cute and very appealing.
So much so, that the first 3 Annie made were snapped up by the tinies in her family and a little friend who absolutely loves the one she was given.
I really love the one in the middle at the back- Tiny Tumble. He is a tiny version of Mr. Tumble with his stripey trousers and jacket with stars on.

All the new characters are now loaded onto the "Rag Doll"  shelf in our blog shop.
If you would like one - just check them out in the Sisters Crafty Creations blog shop and contact Annie - aka Wipso of  "A stitch in time" blog.

I think I know a little boy who might like a Mr. Tumble lookalike.


Lyn said...

oh they are cute!

Tina Gilmore said...

Ohhh, i couldn't pick a favourite they're all cuties. Gav said he saw you this morning, he came home with a massive kitchen dresser, gulp. Hope you're well, lunch would be nice at some point. xxxxx

Di said...

Fabulous Jo! Super dollies - love them all! Di xx

Angela (Toucan Scraps) said...

they are so cute