Friday, 14 October 2011

Cards and frocks

Just a quick update on my crafty activities.
Firstly, my latest additions to the frocks we are making for the "Dress a girl around the world" scheme.
Louise has posted a picture of some of our dresses all ready to go on their journey to Africa.
Click here to see what is happening to them.
It sounds like a great idea to include one in each of the backpacks going out to Malawi.

I thought I was up to my 107th dress but Annie showed me that I couldn't add up and actually I have now made 117!!  It doesn't really matter - I will keep going until I have used up all the fabric that kind bloggers have sent us. (AND the lovely Sue H informs me that she has found another pretty duvet which will be heading our way soon! - Thanks lots Sue.)

This afternoon I made little "Thank you" cards. I know they are not up the standard of you wonderful REAL card makers out there but I enjoyed playing with pretty fabric and our Cuttlebug machine with the Tim Holtz flower die. Simple but effective, I think.

Well that's it folks.
I am all set to go and watch the new series of "Have I got news for you" - always a good giggle on a Friday night and a good follow up to last night's "Mock the week" which was very funny too.

Tomorrow I hope to see Annie's new grand children - she will have her own little creche on the go and be in her element!!
Thanks for popping in here to see what I have been up to - never a dull moment here! - x Jo


Tina Gilmore said...

Gorgeous Cards Jo, you clever girl. I'd love to get one of those cuttlebugs, i'll pop over and you can show me how it works. Loved HIGNFY last night, so funny. All those dresses, was just wondering if anyone's doing dress a little boy!!! Ha! Give my love to Annie and please hug those gorgeous babies for me!!! xx

Annie said...

When did you sneak on this post Jo? The dresses look fab and what a lovely set of thank you cards. Glad to see you are putting the cuttlebug to good use :-) .It was so lovely to share our special family time with you this morning. Thanks for joining in the fun.
A x

Di said...

Phew - 117 dresses Jo, clever girl!! And those cards are just lovely - M might be commissioning her wedding cards from you if she spots these :) Have a super weekend! Di xx

Fuchsia said...

Blimey I feel worn out you have been really busy and lovely they are too !

Friko said...

you are such a good soul to be doing this. One of these days you'll get your reward.
How would a few more have I got newses do for starters? We too watch the show.

Suz said...

Great cards Jo 117 dresses? wow!
Hugs x