Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Happy Wednesday everyone!
The weeks whizz round too quickly don't they.

As you will see from Wipso's blog we have both been busy dressmaking. It certainly keeps us out of mischief - as if!!!!!
So the machines have been busy this week and are still out on my table.

However, I have also had time to spend with M. crafting. She made the little beach hut collage in the middle of the table. Next Saturday we are hoping to get her Etsy shop up and running so you will be able to check out her other crafty makes then.
I spent a day making a collage for a friend. We made roman blinds for her daughter's stairway and there was a scrap of fabric left over so I created a canvas picture to hang between the 2 blinds. I hope she likes it.

In the bottom left of my photo you can see a tiny sweet tin that came from Ebay full of little mother of pearl buttons. Pretty isn't it. Also the little wooden cotton reels were my latest car boot purchase -
I couldn't resist them. How often do you see wooden bobbins these days?

And lastly... these are two of my latest little frocks made from fabric sent to Wipso by our kind blogging friends.

This pretty 70s style pink floral one was made using a sheet sent to us by Di.
It really is lovely soft fabric and looks so pretty. There is lots more fabric so Wipso and I will be busy creating different designs and sizes in this gorgeous stuff. Thanks lots Di.
This fabric started off white but I thought it was a bit impractical so I dyed it a dainty shade of turquoise.  It is cool cotton "broiderie anglais" that came in a parcel from
Thanks again.

Now for the wonderful Wipso magic moment of the week!!!
We often have a telepathic moment - she will ring me or I will text her with exactly what each of us has been thinking, but this one is a step too far!!
I was sewing and quickly set my machine for a pattern to trim the top of a pocket. (a matter of pressing buttons for menus and settings) I did so, and set off sewing, only to find, instead of a little flower pattern, which I had set - the machine sewed this..... note - a little row of A for Annie.

It couldn't possibly happen by accident - so I want to know how Annie is managing to use her remote control 12 miles up the road on my sewing machine!!

See you on the WOYWW blog hop. Have a good week and thanks for popping by.


Wipso said...

And you need to ask how I did that? :-) It's those psychic powers I have....just wish I had more control over everything in my life!
A x

sasa said...

Just loving these dresses and where they are going to - inspired to try my own!!! You girls are rockets on the machines - wow!
Thanks for sharing today.

sarah (at 2)

ScrappnBee said...

LOL! Love the A's on the pocket! You girls are certainly busy! Love all the lovely dresses... and that you take the time to even dye the fabric for them! You had best get M's shop up and running before she needs to take maternity leave! Love it all...haven't seen a wooden bobbin in FOREVER! Thanks for sharing your WOYWW! -Amanda

Helen said...

Great 'A's!! The canvas is gorgeous.... love the colours.

famfa said...

Spooky! Love that canvas picture. You are so talented.

Angelfish said...

That canvas picture is just beautiful, I love it:)
You are going great guns with the little dresses and I ma yet to start!

Di said...

Love the canvas picture - it's sure to be loved! Great going on the dresses, glad the pink is making up OK 'cos I also thought the sheet was nice and soft. Am astounded that you're dying material but something way in the back of my mind tells me that white in some countries signifies death so it's both a safe and practical option. I remember the white bit from when I knitted umpteen little hats for premature babies in Africa and that was the advice given. Happy WOYWW Jo!! Di xx

Li'l Pidge said...

Fabulous makes and its nice to see another crafter appreciates wooden bobbins (hadnt thought about looking out for them at booties...I will now)!
Thanks for sharing

SueH said...

It seems you two sisters are closer than we thought……how strange!

The collage is beautiful and it’s going to look stunning hanging between the blinds you’ve mad. I love the colours of it.
Looking forward to checking out M’s shop when it’s up and running, her little cards are so sweet so I’m sure she’ll sell loads.

Have a good week and ……….Happy Crafting!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Wow, you must be putting go-faster electricity into your sewing machines!! Love all your work this wee, but particularly the little flower pocket - complete with telepathic AAAAAAAAs!! xx

Hazel said...

Fab dresses - have enjoyed looking at the wonderful sewing - also the beach huts - Hazel WOYWW #65 x

Anonymous said...

You all certainly have a very talented family, love the little makes. Well done on all the dresses too, amazing achievement.

Brenda 80

Sue said...

Hi hun
gorgeous work as always, luv the canvas, beautiful work, thanks for the snoop, happy WOYWW, sue,x

Tertia said...

My, but you two have been busy! My mum and I used to be like that - we would phone each other at the same time. Missing her terribly now that the memory came.

Tertia said...

My, but you two have been busy! My mum and I used to be like that - we would phone each other at the same time. Missing her terribly now that the memory came.

Doone said...

I am always very much impressed with your makings, such beautiful things you do, and sooo modest, I think your magic moment is reflective of your loving sister bond and is a very lovely thing to have,


Dragon said...

Lots of interesting stuff to see here again today...

Julia Dunnit said...

Remote control sewing machine - ha!! I'm sure your friend will love the canvas, it;s quite lovely. Do give us the heads up for Ms shop won't you.

Spyder said...

Lovely canvas picture and you are both stars for making all those lovely dresses Happy WOYWW

okienurse said...

Great blog post again today!! I love all these dresses you and Wipso are making. They are going to be so appreciated by the girls that get them. I have been keeping my eyes open for old spools but haven't found any around here. I this I would be concerned if Wipso is getting that powerful you may need to get a shield on your house!;) Have a great week. vickie

Angie said...

I adore that canvas jumped out at me the moment I saw your desk....and wooden cotton reels ... wow ...I was trying to explain to a young friend how we turned cotton reels into french knitting tools and she looked blank as she had never seen a wooden one.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

What a lovely post. Your canvas is beautiful. Surely to be loved. Good Luck with M's etsy set up, an adorable little pic she made too. You all are so energized with lovely talents. Your outside looks green and lush, Happy WOYWW

fairyrocks said...

Wow You and your Sis are doing such an unbelievable job on the dresses. Gorgeous, be proud you both deserve to be.
Keep smiling and creating

Elizabeth said...

Love that canvas picture - I'm sure the recipient will love it too. I don't know how you and your sister keep up the production of the dresses but they are so cute. Here's to another productive week. Elizabeth x #70

mckinkle said...


Its so lovely to see so many pretty little dresses being whizzed up by you two! Just beware of the powers from up the road!!

Hope you have a super weekend!

Keryn x

mckinkle said...

id be dangerous with a brain!

I love the collage youve made, its beautiful and also M's beach huts are equally gorgeous! Good luck with her Etsy shop!

K x

Neet said...

Oh that picture is absolutely wonderful. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing- Neet #19
ps will show you my wonderful wool next week.

Suz said...

Thanks for the support over the paddling pool lol..drying slowly
You 2 are wizards with the little dresses..most impressed
Love the 'left over' design...beautiful work
Look forward to seeing the new Etsy shop
Hugs xx