Saturday, 2 April 2011

Sweet Charity!

Meet little Charity!
Can you believe she is made from socks and a trimming from a charity shop item?
Well - plus a few hours of work too, of course!
Even her gorgeous, curly hair is made from recycled wool.
And yet, I think you will agree, she will make the perfect bridesmaid or party girl.

And then we have the neat little "Jozart" design for a "Hang-about"

I made this one in jazzy bright pink and black fabric with a black lining.
It has a weighted non- slip pad to balance it over the chair arm.
A great little aid for storing all those bits and bobs whilst you are crafting in front of the TV.

I shall pop them in the shop on funday Monday after we have awarded our final "Joannie" award.
Don't forget you have to be in it to win it!! Only 2 days left now!
The fab prize of mystery parcels worth a total of over £50 will go to one of our followers who has left a comment here.
So, if you want to sign up to the blog draw then pop over, become a follower and leave a comment!!
Good luck


diney said...

I' loving little charity! Just popped round to say hello a i've been having a blog break as life just got in the way for a month! :0)

Pearly Queen said...

She's cute!

Di said...

Hi Jo! She's beautiful - as is the over the chair arm thingy. However do you keep coming up with such brilliant ideas?! You and Wipso are one talented team :) Di x

Gez said...

Jo.. Charity is beautiful..just love her hair :) Wishing you a lovely weekend. Gez.xx

Dawn said...

I love Charity she is gorgeous can i have her? or is she sold already (as she wont be available to Monday I wondered If I can reserve her?

Love the arm chair thingy to i could put my sweetie wrappers in it lol

love dawn xx