Monday, 4 April 2011

Funday Monday!

As usual, Monday flew by with lots of laughter and crafty fun!
We sorted the concerns of the world and then got down to our planned crafty activities.
Firstly we awarded our final "Jo-annie".
Pop over to Sisters Crafty Creations to find out who won.
Whilst you are over there, check out the new shop contents list, with active links on the left hand side. It should make finding what you want easier.
Let us know what you think.
I have to say, we didn't agree on how to tackle the contents list - shock horror - Twiglet and Wipso near to blows??!!! Of course not - as usual, Wipso knew best and I had to agree that it looked good and will make life easier for all. We make a great team and can always sort things between us. "Give and take" as Grandma would have said.
(AND..... without Wipso's help, I have added my Hangover and Hangabout craft tidys to the blog shop. Sadly little Charity, my latest sock doll, never made the shelf. She was snapped up and is now winging her way north!!)

I had a great Mother's Day with daughter M. We had lunch out and then came back here to spend the afternoon in my craft room "dumfing". It was a lovely, girly time, spent chatting and creating. M. is a frustrated artist. She is just too busy to have much time just to chill out and craft, so it was a luxury for her to dip into our crafty stash and play!
Between us, we created some lovely little dumflings. She might let me show and tell when they are mounted.

Here is my card, that she made earlier.

And here is a little challenge that I was given last week.
I am really pleased with the result and think it looks good mounted up.


Wipso said...

We certainly do make the best of teams Jo.....have we ever argued? I don't think so :-) Really enjoyed yet another quality day's to many more eh?
A x

Kathy said...

That card is so pretty, and as for your picture, well, it's really beautiful and ethereal

Susan Allan said...

Both are beautiful pieces. I think your framed piece is lovely and could be almost anywhere in Wales!
Sue x

Tracey said...

You 2 get on so well! It's amazing... I love your dumfings. xxx

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah, s'what sisters should be like. Lovely Mday card Jo, quite beautiful.

mckinkle said...

What beautiful dumfings Jo I especially love your waterfront. The frame really is perfect for your artwork.
Keryn x