Monday, 7 February 2011

Scruffy and the new kid on the block!

Well Scruffy - you have have really let yourself down today!!!

Look at you - our new little friend Pinxie calls to visit Dusty and you just can't wait to to climb up and say "hello". Unfortunately your shorts are at half mast and you are exposing your builders bum to everyone!
Dusty is really disappointed in you. She thought she had a more than a little romance going on with you and now it looks as if you are easily swayed by a bit of funky pink frizz and a belly button stud!

Well Scruffy - with Valentine's Day only a week away, I think your best plan is to pop over to Sisters Crafty Creations blog shop and treat Dusty to a pretty gift from the new collection. Wipso and Twiglet have been really busy creating some fab little treasures and I am sure you will find a nice heart brooch for her.
I hope, that by WOYWW, you will have sorted things out between you and Dusty - oh and for goodness sake - Pull your shorts up!!

Quick update!

Wipso has this on her blog - she wants us to pass it round.
So if you would like to pass on some love then pick up the pic and pop it on your blog so that we can send some love around the world!!!


Wipso said...

Thanks for that Jo....tears running down my face here now :-)
A x

Jensters said...

The first thing i noticed was the builders for great reading im with Annie, did make me laugh...WICKED x

Julia Dunnit said...

Note from scruffy: 'eat my shorts'!
Ah how fickle is young love...t's gotta be the belly bling!

Susan Allan said...

Cute butt!
Sue xx