Friday, 8 October 2010

One lovely blog award!

How lovely of Michelle of to send me this blog award!
Blogging is just an easy way to let folks know what I am up to ( well some of it anyway!!). I am always so surprised when they think its worth an award! I love to share my craft work and my photos and I am so glad folk enjoy sharing them.
So I will blog on sisters! (Oh and any blog brothers too of course!)
Have a great weekend. I hope we get the warm weather that the weather men are predicting - its a bit gloomy at present.


Susan Allan said...

Hi Twiglet
You well-deserve that award...congratulations. I have just become a follower and it occured to me I may already be one, so you may have me twice!!!

The header picture is amazing...I have forgotten, is it Wales??
Have a lovely day!
sue xx

Susan Allan said...

sorry, I think I have just realised it might be Yorkshire....not very alert this morning.
Sue xx

Susan Allan said...

you must think I am a complete is Wales, or near the border!!!!
Feel free to delete these ridiculous comments.
Sue xx

diney said...

I love those previous comments - makes me feel less dizzy!! Just to say well done on the award - well deserved :)

Jackie said...

What a shame I didn't know where you lived. I could ave met both of you.
Maybe next time.
(If there is a next time)