Saturday, 9 October 2010

Crafty inspiration!

It was a damp and gloomy morning so daughter M. came for a ride over to Montgomery for a little crafty inspiration at the lovely Tina's craft and vintage shop - Indigo Moon.

M. had never been before and was really surprised to see what a wonderful job Tina has done in setting out her shop. It is a real Alladin's cave - full of wonderful, gifts, craft, artwork and vintage bits and bobs. However, it's bright, fresh and spacious and is just a delight to browse in. I am sure I shall be popping back, alone, to Christmas shop!

Tina had, in the past, suggested that I take one or two of my needle-felted pictures to sell in the shop. So, today I took my peacock and bullfinch pictures and was really thrilled that Tina was happy to put them on display. 
M. has always been a talented artist and has made gorgeous cards and pictures in the past. She has had little time or inclination to craft recently, however, as we left Indigo Moon, she was bubbling over with ideas and suggestions for things "we" could make. So, I guess she will be reclaiming all the stash of craft materials I have been so kindly "storing" for her!!

If you would like a sneaky peek inside Indigo Moon, then follow this link to Tina's blog.


Wipso said...

Brill. Good luck with selling your gorgeous pics sis.
A x

Susan Allan said...

Dear Twiglet
I adore your work and have just had a peek at Indigo Moon..what a beautiful shop.

Your peacock is divine and I think you are so clever and talented.
I wish you luck, I am sure it will sell really quickly.
Have a lovely weekend

Friko said...

I am popping over now to have a peek.
I've not been to Tina's shop.

Harriet said...

Your peacock is beautiful. I think your a talented lady.

Suzanne said...

It is very beautiful and will certainly sell quick
Now I go to visit this store

Have a wonderful week
Suzanne xxx


fab ! and good luck, of course. Have a great week

BumbleVee said...

how exciting for you! I'm sure they will sell if there is much traffic at all in her shop....

luf said...

I like your blog.
Que tengas una buena semana.
muxus y biquiños

Terry & Kim said...

I love the sock animals - so cute! Thanks for sharing.

akilli melek said...

Twiglet, that peacock is Stunning! you are so talented. I am sure that they will fly off the shelf. caroline