Thursday, 3 September 2009

Where did August go?

Apologies to anyone who follows my blog!
I just don't know where August went - I certainly didn't spend it sunbathing!!!
We had a few fine days but I certainly felt sorry for all parents trying to keep chidren entertained through their school holidays.
Blogging friend had a lovely idea of putting activities on cards in a jar and picking out a different one each day - clever!!

So what did I do....
My daughter is home with us at the moment so she has inspired us to get out and walk more.
We have combined it with picking blackberries and better still, billberries, which have been plentiful on the Stiperstones -along with wonderful views across Shropshire and the Welsh border country. Now I have a well stocked freezer and jars of blackberry jam. I haven't made jam for years so it was quite an experiment but the result is delicious!! The billberries blackened our teeth, tongues and mouths and now I know why you don't often see them on restaurant menus!!
My latest sewing project has been a little smocked pinafore dress for a friend's daughter. She has yet to receive her parcel so I will save the photo until she has seen the real thing. I think its really pretty - I just hope it fits.
We have also been absorbed in tracing my husbands family tree and have found it quite addictive. I may blog more on this later as the everyday history of the times fascinated me. We still have a few unsolved problems to crack.
My sister always said she didn't have time to blog - I think you will see from that she does have time and is making a very good job of both blogging and her little sewing business!!
She set me a task of listing -"Things I have but don't need" and "Things I need but don't have"
Interesting thought, so I will be blogging about that later too.


Wipso said...

About time too :-) Cant wait for the next installment. Love you to bits big sis. A x

BumbleVee said...

I'm with you....where the heck did it go ???

It is beautiful right now though...almost too hot to golf anyway....but, we are stuck in ..painting, drywalling... removing bits and pieces... tiling..etc.... and looks like we will be at it for a few months yet... our renovation projects are usually BIG ones... four rooms downstairs on the go at the same time right now.... but, at least this time..they will all be finally finished...when we have the carpeting installed at the end of our little stint of "fixing" usual walkies have gone by the wayside... ...

mountainear said...

Ooo er, she tagged me too but I've not got 'a round tuit' and it remains undone.

Please, could one of you crafty ladies make me one and I'll pick it up when I come back from my hols?

It'll be autumn when I get back if the past few days are anything to go by.

Ladybird World Mother said...

August??? What about the rest of the year!! Like the idea of that jar with the ideas on it for the day. Will do that next time!!

Calico Kate said...

Aren't billberries the best? And jam making is such good fun if a little sticky.

Rob-bear said...

The disappearance of
August was a communist plot engineered by Vladimir Putin. Or an Al Qaeda plot engineered by Osama Bin Laden.

We have to blame somebody. It was alternately cold and hot on the Canadian prairies.