Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Smocking update and a make do and mend project.

Here is my latest little smocking project. I found a pretty piece of lilac and white check fabric which was just perfect for this neat smocked pinafore dress. To work the smocking stitches on the right side of fabric, you first need to run several parallel rows of gathering stitches on the wrong side. Check fabric makes it easy to get the rows straight!

My sister suggested the addition of tiny flowers across the centre of the smocking to match those already embroidered on the fabric. Really pretty, I think!

I only have photos and a couple of measurements for the little girl it was made for, so I was delighted to get an email saying that it fit. Better still, little Fleur loved it and insisted on wearing it all that day - success!!!

My other project was a make do and mend - so easy and satisfying to almost have something for nothing.

I used the frills, lace and fabric from a ladies blouse to create another little pinafore dress for my niece. The pattern for both these dresses was copied and adapted from a dress I bought earlier in the summer so no cost there either!
I must say that my sewing lessons from the 1960's have stood me in good stead over the years and my teacher - Mrs Woodroffe did a brilliant job.


Wipso said...

Oh happy memories of school days. Mrs Woodroffe taught me too [having gone to the same school as Twiglet] so she must have got something right. She was a brilliant teacher for those willing to learn. :-) Such pretty results sis. A x

mountainear said...

What a beautiful little dress - I'm particularly taken with the smocking. Well done.

Don't remember our sewing teacher's name but I do remember winning a prize for my embroidered hymn book cover. I think it was for the design rather than the stitchcraft.

Calico Kate said...

Am sooo impressed! That smocking is really lovely. I don't have anyone to smock for - not sure if that is a shame or just as well!

UK lass in US said...

How pretty. That smocking is lovely. I'm hoping to make my daughter a wee dress - I'm thinking of doing the large-scale smocking like last time. I'm too intimidated to attempt the kind of work that you do!