Monday, 13 July 2009

Happy days

I have just read Cait O'Connor's blog about memories and it reminded me that I was going to blog about meeting an old college friend.
We were at Sheffield City College of Education in the early seventies. We lived together with three others for three years in the previously blogged about terrace near Bramhall Lane and haven't met since we left in 1974.
We have exchanged Christmas cards and followed each others lives -births, marriages and other not so happy events. She emailed me this year and suggested meeting up.
I think we were both a bit anxious - 36 years is a long time after all.
We needn't have worried. We met at the park and ride and talked non-stop all the way into town. Shrewsbury is a lovely town to wander around -lots of little streets and pretty shops to dip into. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch, laughing at old photos and catching up on old friends and family. The time flew by and we were soon back in the car park saying our goodbyes and promising to meet again soon.
It was a relaxing day in the company of an old friend. I hope I don't have to wait another 36 years to meet up again!!


Wipso said...

I believe you had even sent her a photo so she knew what you now looked like.....and she still came!! :-) Glad you had a lovely day. Lets hope there's lots more like that.

Cait O'Connor said...

I'm pleased my post helped in a teeny way to bring about this meeting. Past happy memories bring such warm feelings don't they?

Friko said...

Make sure you meet up again at least once a year, but also keep in touch. Old friends are worth cherishing.

Tracey said...

How lovely to meet up after all that time.. I'm meeting an old school friend for lunch tomorrow.. We left school in 1980!!

I met her a couple of years ago by chance and tomorrow we're going to have a really good natter.