Friday, 5 June 2009

Powis Castle

We set off for Welshpool with the car packed with items for the tip and books for The Severn Hospice charity shop. Our errands completed, we decided to call into the National Trust property at Powis Castle for some lunch and a walk around the gardens.
We tucked into a hearty meal and then set out for our walk.
Although the car park was quite full, the occupants must have been well dispersed around the property. We ambled through the neatly maintained gardens with beautifully mown lawns and manicured box hedges, stopping to chat to one of our friends who works on the estate.

Next, we collected an ice-cream and wandered up through the woodland walk past the stunning colours of the rhododendrons and azaleas. Passing the old ice house we headed down to the pond where the mallards, coots and a pair of canada geese were tending to their young. Brilliant turquoise damsel flies were skittering across the pond and settling on nearby bracken. A woodpecker was tapping frantically on one of the giant oak trees.

As we strolled back to the car a red kite flew over the castle.
A perfect afternoon - just a little bit of heaven - I can recommend it!


mountainear said...

Beautiful photographs. The castle looks very stately in the first one. The gardens must be beautiful at this time of year. I must follow your example and visit.

Wipso said...

Beautiful photos sis. We hope to pop up there soon but best we get next Friday over first :-)....for those that don't know our daughter gets married on Friday. Hope the sun shines for us.

Friko said...

Hi Twiglet,
thanks for visiting. You must be the (geographically) closest blogger I've come across so far.
I love the Powis Castle Gardens, never been inside yet.
They are truly spectacular.

See you in Tuffins.