Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Doing the tourist sights in Shropshire -1

Occasionally we venture forth into the county of my birth which I left aged 18. During the 40 years in which I lived in Yorkshire, I used to come "home" to visit friends and relatives. Rarely did we have time to take days out to visit the sights of Shropshire.
Over the last two years it has been fun to re-discover the county and search out places I had heard of and wanted to visit. So during this weekend of sunshine we headed out into the beautiful south Shropshire countryside.

Firstly, we drove over the Stiperstones with the rocky outcrops including the "Devil's Chair" and then over to the "Long Mynd" and down the narrow road with perilous drops into Cardingmill Valley. Feeling energetic and in need of exercise, we walked up the valley past the waterfall listening to the stream as it cascaded over the rocks back down the valley. We followed the V-shaped valley up steep steps, over rugged rock slopes and then over the top and back down part of the Jack Mytton Way. The four mile walk left us hot and thirsty so we headed off to our next port of call for a cool drink in the gardens of the School House at Acton Scott farm museum near Church Stretton.

This is the venue used by the BBC for the filming of the programme about life on a Victorian farm which was televised a while ago.
We strolled in and out of the farm buildings moving from the warmth of a bright summer's day to the cool of the stone floored scullery or butter churning dairy. We watched the Tamworth sow suckling her piglets and the hand made bricks being "thrown" by the brick maker.

It was just a perfect way to relax and chill out and so typically English.

Our Sunday morning visit took us to Stokesay Castle. I think this must be one of the best English Heritage sites I have visited. The manor house, tower and gate-house have been restored and maintained superbly over the last century and now allow a very atmospheric peep into life in the past. Again, it was a perfect way to unwind just by meandering quietly around the buildings and enjoying the views from the cleverly sited castle with its views out into the Shropshire countryside. We sat in the castle courtyard surrounded by English cottage garden flowers, watching the swallows swoop in and out of the building as they fed their chicks up in the rafters.

I know it sounds like a tourist guide but it really was that good!!


Wipso said...

You've called them Tamworth piglets? Do you really mean to tell me they aren't called piglings? That was what you taught me when I was little, [you being the much older sister that you are] and me being the much younger and very trusting little sister of course I believed and trusted you!! hehehe happy memories

Westerwitch/Headmistress said...

Eeeeek sorry about the high blood pressure . . . maybe oneday you will come and join us rather than be a silent visitor.

Calico Kate said...

Oh Wow another Shropshireite! My mum was born in Craven Arms but grew up in Ludlow from about 18mths. In fact she is down there just now at the Festival - she draws all the posters and has done for the last 30+ years and for the 50th anne of the fest she has a retrospective exhib in the assembly rooms - just in case you're passing! If I didn't live where I do now I would live in Shropshire, pref near to, if not in, Ludlow. I love it there. We were last down for the food festival about 2 years ago and had a great time. The time before that I took my B to Stokesay.
AS youngsters we went to Acton Scott many times, it was a school day out too as I started school in Ludlow before we moved to Sutton Coldfield.
Did you ever read Malcolm Savilles 'Lone Pine' club books? They were all set in that area, Long Mynd and Stiperstones etc. Great adventure books even as a grown up so if you haven't found them do look them out now.

I love 'piglings' so much nicer than piglets - did you know baby Puffins are called Pufflings!

Thank you for lovely comments on my blog, sorry I haven't reciprocated many recently.

PG said...

Oh, the Victorian Farm! What a great programme that was, I'd love to visit it one day; didn't realise it was still going.

Libby Buttons said...


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