Saturday, 28 February 2009

Ode to Theatre Severn and Pam Ayres

Our long awaited theatre opened its doors last week
Standing beside the River Severn, imposing, bold and sleek.
Its shiny, smart exterior has beckoned for a while
We thought we would see Pam Ayres as we knew she'd make us smile.

We booked a meal in its restaurant as we thought that they could cater
For a hungry threesome keen to eat then slip into the theatre later.
We gave ourselves time enough for starter, main and sweet
All sparkling new and trendy - it should have been a treat.

I'm sure with lots of practice their confidence will grow
But that night they were struggling and the service was so slow.
We were beginning to get anxious and we thought we'd have to dash.
The chicken dish sat cooling as we awaited veg and mash.
Eventually we finished, sadly no time for a sweet
As we moved through to the theatre to settle in our seat.

We scanned the Pam Ayres programme noting facts, photos and favourite rhyme,
Then the said lady stood before us and we listened live for the first time.

Well, we chuckled and we giggled as she told a tale or two.
Her lines timed to perfection and we joined in with a few.
We learned about her hamily and her hubby Mr Russell.
We could agree with all her thoughts about her aging body tussle.

We were entertained for hours by her clever rhymes and wit
And left for home uplifted and we didnt mind a bit
That our dinner wasn't perfect and the service had been slow.
Pam left us feeling rosy and our cheeks were all aglow!

Don't worry Pam - I am no competition!!!!!


Wipso said...

Oh Sis you are so clever,when putting pen to paper.
You're even very tactful about our meal time caper.
A super time was had by all at the theatre by the water.
Listening to Pam's poems and laughing when we ought to.

Twiglet said...

I doubt we will be put forward for poet laureate!!

Twiglet said...

I doubt we will be put forward for poet laureate!!

Wipso said...

To be sure, to be sure :-)

mountainear said...

Not bad - I think PA should watch out for you two.

Isn't Shrewsbury lucky to have a new theatre?

Wipso said...

The theatre is really wonderful but they need to get themselves a bit more organised regarding the cooking of the food. The service was very slow and even though we hadn't asked for anything difficult they managed to get it wrong and it arrived at the table in shifts. I'm sure it will improve with time. :-)

Calico Kate said...

I think that PA will need o look to her laurels. I really enjoyed that Twiglet!

PS the verifiction word is 'hobledly' rather a good word for your dinner service or lack of!