Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Crafting update

The scissor sisters have been busy again. Thanks to great encouragement from all, we enjoyed a crafty afternoon this week. The challenge was - to make card "toppers" using the same fabric. We both had 2 pieces of the purpley pink tie-dyed fabric which we decorated with collage, embroidery etc. Of course, once made, we decided they should be mounted on card to show the finished article. The photo shows the cards I made.

Some might think our pleasures are simple but we had a great time as we worked on our little task. We certainly treasure our times together. An afternoon of laughter and creative activity is a tonic to both of us - I can recommend it!!


Wipso said...

And I can recommend it too...being the other half of the scissor sisters....and although we started off with the same the finished result was really quite different. More days like that please :-)

Cait O'Connor said...

Those cards are very pretty, I love the colours.