Friday, 1 September 2017

Friday smile

Gardening horror!

Sitting at the computer
Movement caught my eye
Glancing down - I screamed
A blood curdling cry.

Slithering down my jumper
Surely no mistake
A six inch mini creature 
The image of a snake.

Jumping to my feet
The creature I had seen
Tumbled to my feet
The trimmed edge from a runner bean!!!

Panic over - heartbeat returned to normal.
Serves me right for not being more careful as I prepared beans for the freezer this morning.
I thought it might raise a smile on a Friday for Annie's Friday Smile.

Have a great weekend but keep a sharp look out for snakes!

x Jo


Annie said...

Hehehe love it.
Annie x

mamapez5 said...

Now that made me smile. I bet your heart was racing there for a minute. Lucky you to have runner beans to prepare. They are my all time favourite and I always grew my own, but they don't grow here and Spanish beans are just not the same! kate x

Helen said...

LOL!! that brought a smile for sure. I can imagine the fright!