Wednesday, 5 April 2017

WOYWW - April 5th

Good morning all - and a beautiful, sunny April morning it is too!
I love this time of year - everything is beginning to grow and blossom.
The swallows are back - well I saw just one on March 31st, so they are here somewhere.
The robin sings his little heart out from about 6am till 7am each morning.

AND today is April 5th - the day we celebrate the life of a very special Dad who we lost 28 years ago.
On my table is the beautiful carved owl he made for me - one of three, as he made one for Mum and Annie too. He was the best Dad anyone could wish for and a great role model in how to live our lives and how to treat others. He holds very special place in our hearts.

AND lastly here are my ten twiddle mitts ready to go to a new home.
If anyone wants one, let me know. Otherwise they will go to somewhere local.
What do you call a host of twiddle mitts?
A twoddle? A twizzle?
I have had fun trimming them up with chunky hand stitches etc.
Never a dull moment when there is a twiddle muff to trim!

Have a fab week all you WOYWWers.

x Jo


Annie said...

Beautiful memories of a very special dad come flooding back. I'm sure he is looking down on us smiling Jo.
Love the twiddle mitts and am certain they will be put to good use.....somewhere.
Annie x

Kathyk said...

How lovely to celebrate the life of your beloved dad today too, great carving - obviously talented. Love the knit projects too



Sarah Brennan said...

Love the twiddle mitts. Your dad was obviously talented. Great carving to have as an additional memory of him. Sarah #4

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

What a lovely thing to remember your dad by! Love the colourful mitts! Enjoy your week! zsuzsa #22

donna garner said...

I think the offspring and partners of craft makers are blessed - we never have to forget the love with which we were blessed whilst they lived - as their crafted gifts last forever, I made Niall a cushion from his dads favorite jumper ( his dad died in February), just last night he moved it from my workspace to 'his chair' unspoken gratitude methinks... . dxxx#17

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Jo, how lovely to hear your wonderful memories of such a special Dad. Love the plaque he made you, beautiful. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 XxX

Christine said...

Beautiful carving, such a lovely memento.... brings back fond memories.
Great twoddle of twiddly mitts!
Have a good week
Christine #18

Sharon Koole said...

Your dad was very talented. What a lovely gift to still have.

Sharon K #34

lisa said...

What a lovely post. Your owl is a very special thing and keeps beautiful memories in your home. A lovely way to celebrate your Dad.
Hugs Lisax #25

Lindart said...

So nice to celebrate your Dad. Mine will be gone 16 years this year, and I miss him every day. He passed on June 21st. I always do something special for him too. I vote for "Twoddle" as a group of 10 Twiddle mitts - they are awesome! A twoddle of Twiddles, just seems right somehow! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #38

Dorlene Durham said...

It's wonderful to have memories and a momento of your dad. I lost my dad four years ago and he was also handy so my sisters and I are blessed with items in our homes too. This twiddle mitts are so cool. I've never seen such a thing. 'Do you sell them? Dorlene #37

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jo, those are lovely memories of your father you're sharing this week. The carved owl is a precious memento of him too. I lost my dad 32 years ago but he lives on in my heart and mind, as yours does in yours.

The twizzle/twoddle of twiddle mitts are fabulous - so colourful and beautifully made. Have a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #30

PS: still having trouble with my Internet connection but taking advantage of it being up now.

April Story said...

Sorry for your loss. I am glad you can fondly remember your father.
April #33

Lunch Lady Jan said...

What a really lovely way of remembering your dad - it's easy to see where you and Annie get your creative genes from. Those twiddle muffs are brilliant Jo, you are a star making all those. They're so bright and colourful and would cheer anyone up, good on you.
And have you noticed that I have resisted making double entendres? For once, I am being restrained. It won't last.....
Hugs, LLJ 10 xxx

Julia Dunnit said...

What a lovely post Jo, full of the giving that you learned from your dear Dad.