Wednesday, 20 July 2016


What do you post on WOYWW when you have had a busy week doing all sorts of things and yet nothing has happened on my workdesk??
It's unusual for a week to pass without just a little bit of crafty activity!
I am blaming my happy days spent with Ben, my DD who raids my craft stash and then makes the most lovely things with it all, and the hot weather!
So my table has a few bits and bobs waiting for attention.

I will be happy to get back in there on a dull day when I have the urge to create.

Meanwhile, I am playing diggers and dumpers on my pebble patch, blowing bubbles and throwing the ball high up into the apple tree and listening to the laughter as it rattles back down to the little boy at the bottom.
I am baking buns and making nice lunches and family teas. I am whizzing round the housework like a demented house elf,  cleaning in the minimum time and making the iron fly over any piles of ironing that come my way!

Now a trip to Ikea calls so I will see you later when the day has cooled off and I am ready to chill for an hour or two.
Hope you are keeping cool but enjoying the lovely weather.
So, I am popping over and say welcome back to Juila and also say a big thank you to Jan for looking after us so well over the last few weeks. Join us in our mad blog hop over at Julia's Stamping Ground.

x Jo


Annie said...

We all have times when life gets in the way of crafting and it's not as if you're sat with your feet up....your creative space has just moved to the gravel patch! Maybe we should get a pic of that next week? :-) :-)
Annie x

Kathyk said...

A demented house elf? You mean you are Winkie? Fab desk



Chidkid said...

Wow..I'm tried just reading that! You made me think of Donbie from Harry Potter when you mentioned the demented I hope you have better ears! Elaine no. 15

glitterandglue said...

Morning Jo. Not been creative??? Sounds like everything you have been doing this week has been creative - hope you have fun in Ikea as well!!!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #5

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Jo, enjoy IKEA!lol. I always find loads of stuff i NEED when we go- and it's the one place I can get Hubby to go shopping with ease, as he loves their meatballs. Always bring a few bags back for the freezer. Your days do sound like fun at the moment.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #3

Felicia Aaron said...

Jo, it sounds like you are doing EXACTLY what you need to be doing! That sweet boy will FOREVER remember these days with you! I would LOVE to be present for those buns and tea and then slink out when it's time to iron! LOLOL Could I put in a request for that lovely Raskog cart while you are there??? LOLOLOL I would be happy to send you my addy for delivery!!! LOLOL Have fun and many blessings, Felicia, #40

LisaDV said...

Your week sounds divine. What better way to spend it than blowing bubbles and making littles laugh, enjoying family dinners. Happy Wednesday, LisaDV #33.

Neet said...

Sounds idyllic! In fact it sounds like a piece from a novel - like the feel-good type such as Little Women.

Cannot think of anything nicer than the day you described in your blog. May you have many more of them.

Hugs, Neet 2 xx

Diana Taylor said...

Oh goodness, you sound so busy and energetic in this heat - I'm barely able to function at the moment! I love the teal and plum wool in the little bag on your desk - what a gorgeous colour combination. Thanks for the visit earlier, hope you have lovely week,
Diana #22

Lisca Meijer said...

It must be fun to be on Ben duty, it's just too hot for felt and wool activities.
A visit to Ikea is always fun, but I tend to spend too much money. We have to go back soon (next airport run we do) as we needed bedside lockers and forgot we needed two and only bought one! How stupid is that! Once we were on the motorway and realised, we were not going to go back again!
Have a great week,

Helen said...

your day sounds pretty good to me! as you saw, my floor is looking sadly neglected. Glad you enjoyed Kew though! Helen #4

Sandy Leigh said...

Oh you do have lovely bits and bobs waiting for you, but I think you are doing the important things. Life is so good! Oh how I wish I had an Ikea store in my town--I would go a little crazy there. Happy Wednesday! Sandy Leigh #36

Sharon Koole said...

Even though there isn't a lot crafty going on it sounds as though you're having a wonderful time! Who wouldn't rather be outside when the weather is nice?

Have a great week
Sharon K #37

dmgarafalo said...

I would love to have days playing like that - enjoy! have a blessed day donna #41

Angela Radford said...

Hi Jo, sometimes crafting just has to take second place but not to worry your desk will be waiting when you have time to return to it. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x

Lea.H said...

oooh I am intrigued to see what you are in the process of creating! Lea #50

sandra de said...

Sounds like you are having a lovely time and a trip to Ikea sounds pretty good to me. Enjoy
sandra de @32

Kim Collister said...

Breaks are good for your Soul and Inspiration!!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

The past couple of days have been crazy with selling our house yesterday morning, meeting Darnell in Salisbury (we talked for 6 hours!) and then doing solicitor stuff today. So apologies for my late reply!
I loved the description of your playtime with Ben, I'd like to catch the ball falling through the apple tree too.
And thanks for the thong comment - made me laugh :-)
Hugs, LLJ 11 xx

Julia Dunnit said...

There is no better way to spend warm summery days. The good thing about a desk is that it waits...

Scrapbook Lynne Mizera said...

Oh how your post makes me loooong for my grandboys! Unfortunaltey due to some crazy global events not in our control our annual month-long visit is not happening this summer... sigh. But boy, did your wonderful post ever bring back some lovely memories! Thank you for the visit and the lovely comment you left on my post earlier this week, Scrapbook Lynne WOYWW#39