Wednesday, 25 May 2016

WOYWW - 7th anniversary!

A Happy 7th Anniversary of our WOYWW crafty get togethers!

For the last seven years crafty folk from all over the globe have been exposing their work desks to anyone who cares to drop in and have a good snoop round. Many happy friendships have been formed and crafty ideas, stash and fun have been traded and enjoyed by us all.
Of course without the help of the lovely Julia - and Jan too, this wouldn't have happened. So, a huge thanks to Julia and all our love and best wishes to you for the next few weeks. You will be in all our thoughts, I am sure. And Jan, thanks for holding the fort and keeping us all in order. You know where we are if you need us!!

My ATCs will be winging their way to anyone who told Annie or me that you wanted to swap.
Here are a few more of them...

AND this is the state of my desk this week...

I have been busy with a birthday card for a special Yorkshire friend.
The books are some of my favourite ones which I thought I had lost in the move.
(I found them hiding under a shelf - just wondering now what else is lurking in odd spaces where they were stuffed in haste to get the sewing room looking tidy!)

So there we are, 7 years of crafty fun shared with you all - where did that time go!
You only have to look back over old blog posts to see what a happy crafty time we have shared and just how much wonderful craftiness we have brought into the world.
Long may it last.

Thanks for all your WOYWW friendship and love.

I am hoping to visit every desk in celebration this week!!

Have a fun week.

x Jo


Lynn Holland said...

Well done Jo, your ATC's are lovely and your desk is full of wonder.
I've had a swoop through the last few weeks to remind me of what you've been up to busy lady.
Enjoy your day
Lynn 15 xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Happy 7th WOYWW!! Well, lovely gal, I'm so pleased to have been part of this group of crafters because otherwise, how would I have got to meet nutters like you and Annie :-D. I think we are kindred spirits and I'm so grateful to have got to know you. Your innuendoes and subtly rude ripostes in my comments often make me spit coffee out - I love 'em. And thank you for your incredible generosity in sharing patterns and ideas too :-D
Hugs, LLJ xxxx

Anne said...

Hello Jo. The ATC's are stunning. Sadly not joining in this time - looking forward though to seeing all the lovely creations. Your desk looks very pretty. So glad you found your books.
Happy 7th WOYWW Anniversary Anne x #25

Jackie Mackay said...

Looks like you've been in production Jo and we know you are are always at it! - your stuff is always a real pleasure to see. Happy WOYWW birthday x Jackie #31

Lisca Meijer said...

I too am determined to visit everyone. I have dedicated today to WOYWW. (a freezer meal for hubby I'm afraid!)
I love your beautiful ATCs. I will definitely make sure you are on my list next year (if you're willing).

Happy 7th WOYWW anniversary

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Ooooh these are wonderful atcs , Jo, I'm loving your work for your friend too, I do so lve dumfing!!! So well done, and yes it is funny where we stash things sometimes isn't it?
Happy WOYWW 7!!! And thanks for popping over!
Shaz in Oz.x #8

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

CraftygasheadZo said...

Fabulous ATC's and desk! Very happy WOYWW 7! Take care Zo xx 41

Sharon Koole said...

Beautiful atcs. Love the work on your desk too.

Happy WOYWW anniversary
Sharon K #45

pearshapedcrafting said...

Your ATCs look so colourful! I love whats on your desk- haven't dumfed for a while! I spy one of my favourite books -the Beryl Taylor - get my fixes on Pinterest!! Hugs, Chrisx 57

StampinCarol said...

Happy 7th WOYWW Anniversary! Beautiful ATCs! And I love your card! Thanks for the visit and hope you have a great day!
Carol N #4

Kathyk said...

Ooh great desk and ATC's

Happy 7th Anniversary WOYWW


Angela Radford said...

Hi Jo, amazing ATCS, whoever gets those will be truly happy. I plan to visit everyone today even if it takes till midnight! But you might know the one day when I planned to sit and do this people keep coming, post men x 3, friends x 2, workman x 1 and my hubby in and out, dogs decided they needed to go out more than usual but I will get there Lol! Have a great woyww 7th Anniversary, Angela x30

Helen said...

Dear Jo, what beautiful atcs you have (as always, but especially this year!) thank you for visiting already (the day job may pay the bills but it does get in the way of celebrating WOYWW early!) Helen #11

Sue said...

Hi Jo, What lovely ATCs.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You didn't leave your number, but I managed to track you down:)

Happy 7th WOYWW
Sue #24

BJ said...

What wonderfully gorgeous ATCs you've made and thanks a million for offering me one as you'd forgotten your asterix! Adore the pieces on your desk too, simply delicious. Thanks for visiting me and Happy WOYWW 7th Anniversary BJ#20

Diana Taylor said...

That is one stunning card for your friend - such beautiful and gentle colours - I'm sure it will be greatly treasured. Your ATC's are quite spectacular too and you deserve a gold medal for making so many - you must have been seeing them in your sleep!
Thanks so much for stopping by my desk, I hope you have a great week,
Diana #22

Nikki C said...

Stunning ATC's as always and your little dumpflings are just so dreamy to look at. I watched a video on someone making them so KEWL !!! a garden growing from wool :)
I've sent an ATC to Annie for you so I hope there's one in there for me :) Love the purple and pinks
HAPPY WOYWW #7 and glad you like the badge hugs Nikki 1

Andrea said...

gramazing ATC'S and so many well done you they are beautiful. Thanks for visiting me earleir today and taking part, its fab to see so many talented and diffrent pwople and there creations. happy anniversray hugs andrea 6#

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Jo, ATC's gone in the post toady! It's amazing what you can find tucked away in odd spots, and you always seem to lose something when you move house, don't you? Have a great week, Happy Anniversary, Hugs, Shaz #8 xx

Chidkid said...

Gosh..what a lot of beautiful ATCs ..lucky people. Wish I'd joined in now Elaine no. 33

RosA said...

Hi Jo, the birthday card is looking gorgeous! Happy 7th Woyww Anniversary! I will probably have some spare ATCs if you still have any to swap. I should have organised extra swaps before this :)

Sharon Madson said...

HI! Your ATCs are gorgeous. Wish I was swapping, but never got any made. You commented on my owl photo, but I think your rainbow photo is amazing! Thank you for stopping by earlier! Happy Anniversary! #57

Kim said...

Hi Jo,
Happy 7th Anniversary to you! And Here's to many mor! (I'm a tad further behind on visiting everyone!) If you have any spare ATC's I'd love to swap with you.
Thanks for stopping by, Have a fabulous weekend.
-K #60

Claire Grantham said...

Thanks for the visit! I love your ATC's this is the first year I have not made any, my work schedule just got in the way. Love the card for your special lovely. Happy WOYWW A Versary. Cx #53

Diane Futrell said...

Wow! your ATC look great!
Happy anniversary!!
Have a great day.
Diane - WOYWW #2

lilian said...


Thank you for your visit.

great desk

Lilian B #36

Anne L said...

Happy 7th WOYWW Anniversary thanks for visiting me earlier and wow those are stunning ATC cards you made. Also have to say I love what you are working on they are trully stunning....not sure what exactly your using but love the garden look. Have a great week Hugs ~Anne L #3

Stacy Sheldon said...

oh wow the texture on your cards is fantastic, they look like fabric :) Thanks for the earlier visit, ~Stacy #59

Laura said...

Hi, Jo, thanks for your visit -- popping over to wish you a very, very happy 7th anniversary WOYWW! Your ATCs are works of art. ~ Laura #47

Annie Claxton said...

Hi Jo, Just catching up as I lost my interent connectio yesterday - your ATCs are totally gorgeous! Mine arrived today thank you so much, it's even more beautiful IRL! Yours is on the way :o) Happy WOYWW Anniversary! Annie C ~27

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Such fun fabric flowers! Your ATCs really rock. Kudos to you for visiting everyone for this anniversary. I'd love to have the time to do that. PJ #63

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

A belated Happy 7th Anniversary to you Jo. Thanks for visiting. Wednesday just got away from me. Your ATCs are beautiful, but we wouldn't expect anything less from you.

Fiona #26

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It feels like it's been forever since I visited you. In fact, I would have been by sooner, but not long after I was finally able to link up, my electricity went out TWICE due to hail and thunderstorms that knocked the power out. Now my internet is having a meltdown, and I have to reboot after each person I visit.

That "much younger sister" picked a bad time to go on holiday, but your ATCs are simply out of this WORLD. As always, I am in AWE. Finding things after a move is always fun. It makes the journey worthwhile.

Thanks for visiting me on Wednesday. Happy 7th Anniversary from # 5.

Cardarian said...

Hi Jo !

Sorry I am so late coming back to you - the garden was neglected so I had to get up to work outside but it is all sorted now so I can go back to my lovely new craft room and play! I will send you an ATC of course - I have your address but I don't have Annies new one so I will have to get it off of her!
HAPPY 7th WOYWW Anniversary! What a lovely gathering we have don't we?
Lots of hugs - I hope to meet you one day!

Neet said...

Love love love the atc you sent to me. Was so nice to come home to some mail and such lovely mail too. Please pass my thanks to Annie for hers as well.
Love the colours you have used and they look so good in the photos above where you have got lots, reminds me of the colour of whinberry pie with cream that I used to have when a child.
Here's to another year of WOYWW friendships - so value yours.
Hugs, Neet 28 xx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jo, I'm sorry I haven’t managed to comment earlier, once again life got in the way! However, I have promised myself to get round all the desks this week to celebrate our 7 years of WOYWW friendship - so here I am. The card you are working on is looking lovely and the ATCs are simply gorgeous. It's things like those just found books that provide good reason for reorganising our craft spaces regularly ... it's amazing what turns up with a good turn out :) Have a great weekend, Elizabeth x #66

Shoshi said...

Jo, what absolutely fabulous work... your ATCs and embroideries are nothing short of stunning. Just gorgeous... Thank you for your lovely comment and nice to see you again - yes, last year was a tough one but with hindsight it was an incredibly positive eperience and I am glad I went through it because of everything I have learnt, and all the wonderful people I've met, and new friends I've made. I am doing very well now! I'm glad you like my boxes - I am pleased with how they came out, and most importantly, my hubby loves them!

Sorry to be so long replying but I've been so busy lately and then got very tired in between, and am well behind with all my computer stuff. Gradually getting on top of things again now, though.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #49

April Story said...

What awesome colors for your ATC's. And the flowers are beautiful.
April #40

Kelly said...

Those ATCs are lovely, Jo! If you have a spare, I'd love to swap with you. Bit late getting round this week. Silly storms have kept me off -line. We're to have a clear few days so hopefully I'll get round to everyone in a timely fashion this week. Creative BLessings! Kelly #50