Wednesday, 11 February 2015


 Good morning all.
Happy WOYWWednesday!
My little sewing room has been a busy place this week -well, since last Saturday when I spritzed it all up neat and tidy for a house viewing only to be let down when the couple didn't turn up. Can you imagine - all that tidying and spritzing up round the house and a morning wasted waiting for them to turn up!! I was not a happy girl. But, I have to admit, it has been lovely to have such a neat, tidy house this weekend.
Every cloud.....

So what's been going on in my little craft room?
It seems that lots of folk are on the look out for Katie Morag style kilts.
I had a length of tartan polycotton so I have made one.
I might ebay it or maybe give it to my niece for her little ones to dress up in.

The stripey towelling is set out for another little project.
Maxine wanted a little hooded towelling poncho for Ben when she takes him swimming in the next few weeks. So we bought a couple of bath towels to do our own version.

I will get going on the poncho and show and tell next time.

Just in case you are interested...

This is the blind that I made for a friend's kitchen with that pretty chicken fabric that I showed you last week. (Jan - stop giggling!!)
It looks good now that it is up, I think. It was 2 metres wide so quite a tricky one to make.
If anyone is thinking of making roman blinds - I use the kits from Terry's fabrics and they are half price at the moment! I will be making more for my own place so ordered a few while the offer is on.

One or two asked for my ebay name so that they could check out my collages so I will email those kind folk once they are on. I have also been clearing cupboards and selling odd items of clothing and some of Maxine's button cushions. Most of my clearing out is ending up in charity shops but just sometimes it's worth popping a few things on ebay in the hopes of making a few pennies.

That's it for this week.
Thanks for calling by and for leaving your lovely comments.

Have a great week.
x Jo


Annie said...

Have fun making the poncho...he will look real cute in it. Love the blue of that blind....not as big a cock up as I thought ;-)
Annie x

Anne said...

Hi Jo. I remember those days - waiting for folk to come and view and then no show. Infuriating - especially as in those days I worked Mon to Fri so Saturdays were precious. Ben will look cute in his poncho! Anne x #30

Anne said...

Hi Jo. I remember those days - waiting for folk to come and view and then no show. Infuriating - especially as in those days I worked Mon to Fri so Saturdays were precious. Ben will look cute in his poncho! Anne x #30

Julia Dunnit said...

Bad manners and only takes a phone call. I guess that's why it's so infuriating isn't it, we asume our standards are the same as other people's. Ah well, tidy house and...perhaps real viewers later this week. Hope so.
I love the blind. I didn't get far last week so have been advised by Jan of how well your conversations was all worth it, fab result and lots of sniggering!

glitterandglue said...

Golly, Jo. Hadn't realised you were on the move - have been MIA an awful lot these past three to four months. Trust all goes well with a sale soon - it is infuriating when people make an appointment and then don't bother to show! But just think of how lovely and tidy you have been for a few days.
You've still been busy, though, I see - all those things you have made. Well done.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #6

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Too right I was sniggering! Nay, tittering even :-) And they're not chickens, they're fine, upstanding members of the male poultry variety!
All joking aside the blind turned out really beautifully...I've never tried to make one so thanks for the heads up about the kit. I'm going to have a look see.......
Fingers crossed for politer viewers this week....
Hugs, LLJ 23 xx

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jo, the chicken fabric blinds came out nice. It's nice to have something cheerful to look at. Sorry you did all that cleaning and tidying for nothing. Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting! :-) ~ Laura #53

Nan G said...

Jan's not the only one giggling. ;) Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #62

Carmen said...

I would have been annoyed too at a) Having to do housework anyway and b) just plain rudeness - we've had that where we run our business from home and people ask if they can pick up from here - you wait in all day and they don't bother. We don't let anyone come now. The few spoil it for the many.

My daughter loves Katie Morag so I get that :P Although she now sings "Katie Morag, she's a toerag!" to the theme tune, thanks to her bigger teenage sister who should know better! I'm loving all these Scottish childrens programs on at the mo.

Thanks for stopping by to see me already.

Carmen x #46

Sandy Leigh said...

Aren't those little hooded towels just the greatest! And that is truly annoying when people don't show up for appointments. I hope the next one goes better. Thanks for your sweet visit. Hugs! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #48

Lisca Meijer said...

How annoying when people don't turn up! Well, your house is clean and the next time you won't have to scrub so hard as you've done it now.
That poncho will be cute. Looking forward to seeing it when finished.
The blind is gorgeous! Well done!
Ebay is great. I used to sell loads of stuff before moving abroad and things that I didn't think anyone would be interested in sold. And if they sell only for 99p then that what you get for the effort of packing it and taking it to the post office. It's fun though.
Have a good week,

Robyn said...

wonderful inspiration here as always. I think the curtains look perfect in scale, and I know plenty of folks who can't have enough chicken in the kitchen!
Enjoy your tidy- it doesn't last!
Robyn 10

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Your blind looks fabulous. I bet it was a beast to tackle though, at that width. Thanks for the heads up on the kits. We need a blind for the kitchen and might just have a go.

Fiona #61

sandysewin said...

Looks like you have been busy. Those roman shades are so cute, love the fabric.

Bummer that the folks didn't show, so rude, but at least you had incentive and got a clean house for a while. :-)

Thanks for your visit to my blog earlier today and for your nice comments.

Happy creating and happy woyww,

Sandy #19

Shel C said... it. My son really wants a kilt made from our families tartan... He is really into history. I looked at the fabric online but it was totally out of our price range so he never got it. Love the chicken blind. Shel@paperoctillostudio #45

Helen said...

it is infuriating that you cleaned for no end result!! Hope the next lot of viewers will arrive, like it, and you can get on moving! The coc sorry - chicken - blind looks great!
Helen #1

itsamistry said...

Oh wow you made a roman blind looks fantastic. How inconsiderate of people not to turn up. I'll bet the tartan kilt and toweling poncho will be a great hit. Anita 63

Tina Gilmore said...

So love that blind and good idea on the poncho. Speak to you soon xxx

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Twiglet, lovely idea to make the poncho. So annoying to wait for someone who never arrives- why can't they just make a quick phone call? Good luck with all the sorting- makes sense to do it before you move, rather than after. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #13 xx

Neet said...

I must show you my Roman blind I made a few years ago when we first moved here - don't think it is ever pulled down these days as it is in the kitchen. Do you know, I cannot think what the design is - I know it is oranges and yellows and reds - well I think so.
Love your chicken one which has a real clean look about it and I love anything to do with roosters.
Looking forward to seeing the poncho and seeing your ebay listings. Hope there is some felting on there.
Hugs, Neet 28 (late again I know)

Pat Taviss said...

I had a great towel coverup when I was a kid, waaaay back in the 1960's. It was used to death.

Nice to meet you and happy WOYWW

Pat #71

RosA said...

That is so clever to make kitchen blinds! And the chicken fabric is SO cute :)