Sunday, 8 September 2013

Flat Susan ventures outside.

Well it didn't take Flat Susan long to get out into the garden to smell the flowers!!!
 Here she is enjoying the gorgeous tangerine begonia that has bloomed wonderfully this year.

Then she climbed up onto the buddleia to get a better view.
A beautiful tortoiseshell butterfly offered her a flight over the garden.
Flat Susan thought she might be a bit too heavy for one butterfly so another one flew in to join them
Together they went on a tour of the garden and then they dropped her off by the sunflower frog.
It gave her quite a fright until she realised it was only a bronze statue!
I think that's enough excitement for today Susan.
Who knows what you will get up to next!

Pop back later to find out!!!!
x Jo


JoZart Designs said...

Oh, how lovely Flat Susan is paying you a visit. She is such a perfect guest you will really enjoy having her there.
Give her my love and tell her I do miss her.
love Jo x

Neet said...

Cor blimey! How lucky is she? Imagine being transported around the garden on a butterfly, or two! She looks very comfortable on the orange begonia.
Hugs, Neet xx

Annie said...

Gorgeous pics Jo and what an adventure for Susan :-)
A x

Nan G said...

What a lovely day FS had!