Friday, 25 January 2013

Finished by Friday and smile!

Here is my latest finished item.
I have all sorts of little projects on the go but this draught excluder is the only thing completed this week.
It is made with a variety of furnishing fabric and embellished with vintage buttons and hand embroidery.
It is in shades of grey with a plummy pink mix of fabrics. It is filled with polyester filling so that it is light to post but also it squishes nicely into a doorway to keep out the winter draughts!

I will pop it in our Sisters Crafty Creations blog shop later.

Now the weather forecast says more snow followed by heavy rain, snow melt and FLOODS!
So I thought you might like to see how I aim to be prepared for that possibility.....

If you would like similar adaptations let me know - it didn't hurt - honest! lol.
Join in with Annie's Friday Smiles here!
Happy Friday!
x Jo


Anne said...

So funny.
Draught excluder great. Keep saying I mmust make one. Maybe should just check out your shop. Anne x

pearshapedcrafting said...

Thanks for that - not just a smile but a lol moment! Love your draught excluder, got to go and get more 'innards' for the one I'm making! Have a great weekend, Chrisx

Annie said...

I guess you now want me to design you a one legged pair of trousers to wear to keep you warm and cosy? :-) Thanks for the giggle Jo and by the way I love the colours of the latest draughte excluder.
A x

JoZart said...

I'm still smiling!! Fab flippers and I'd love to see you walking in those let alone spending a penny!!!
Love Jo x

BumbleVee said...

oooh, la la.... you sexy mermaid you...... or ... whoever is the model..... lovely.....

MaggieC said...

Yes, I did smile at that fantastic mermaid tail. Very good way of getting ready for the floods. Hope you don't need it. xx Maggie

Caro said...

Love the fish tail - definitely made me laugh! Thanks for sharing.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

hah ha Jo you do have me chuckling!!

we have floods threatening here too!

as we has a south east post-cyclonic low heading down the coast towards us - flooding in NSW from Qld boarder to almost Newcastle it seems - Cyclone Oswald changed into a rain depression, never dull here, love Shaz in Oz.x PS love draught snake as we call them too.

Gill Edwards said...

love the mermaid tail, i hope next weeks pics demonstrate using it. seriously i hope you dont have flooding.

Elizabeth said...

Brilliant - I more than smiled at that :)) Elizabeth xx

PS: the advice is to build lots of snowmen to avoid floods. I kid you not!!! Apparently, snowmen will thaw out much more slowly, thereby avoiding torrents of water flowing into the rivers :)

Sarah Evans said...

I love the colours and patterns of your fabrics. I'd love to try quilting some day. Maybe someday soon :)

Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity