Wednesday, 12 September 2012

WOYWW - new supplies

 Happy Wednesday to all our brilliant blogging friends who choose to drop in each week to see what we are up to. 
I must apologise for the fact that I missed a few of my favourite desk visits last week. My laptop is on a go slow - don't know why - think I need my clever nephew to give it a going over!! 
Also I must admit, I did get very taken up with all the Paralympic coverage. I loved every minute and was so full of admiration for all concerned. Congrats to everyone - it was a brilliant event.

Now - my table today has 3 new items that I have never used before - it's a "learn something new" week for me!! Modge Podge and freezer paper - lots of folk use these so I thought I might give them a try in some crafty activity or other. Also, there is a pack of Transfer Artist Paper - I saw the lovely Karen had been using it and The Craft Barn had lots of suggestions and posts about it last week. It fascinated me so I am going to try it.

In the front are little notecards from Vistaprint with my pretty felted dragonfly picture on them. It was free offer for 10 plus envelopes - bargain!!
On the left is a tiny felted canvas that I started but never got going with on fun day Monday.
Annie and I will pop each little canvas in the blog shop once they are finished.

This was my felting fun work table, in the sunshine, at the end of last week.
Today it's bright but there is a cold north wind, so I am indoors parcelling up my latest pic.
This was the first stage - just wet felted with some needle-felted yarns, lace and wool rovings.
I will blog the finished one when it's new owner has seen it.
 And lastly my latest hoodies - don't they look cosy?
OK folks - thanks for popping in - I promise I will try to get round a few more desks this week.

Have fun
x Jo


Helen said...

Yes, the summer is on the turn, the mornings are crisp (I love autumn!) but your output is as impressive as ever! Helen, 20.

Annie said...

Love the new fun hope I get to try them too :-)
A x

Pearly Queen said...

Hi Jo

I'll be interested to hear about your results with the transfer paper and freezer paper. Does it help you to make winter scenes...:-)

Redanne said...

Lots of goodies to try out there, really must try that TAP paper that so many people talk about. Love your gorgeous little hoodies and also still love that view from your back garden. You are so clever with your felting.....Happy WOYWW, Anne x #82

donnalouiserodgers said...

My fav aspect of the paralympics?? (bear in mind I spent a decade working with amputees)...


the 'games' that No Able Bodied Person can do,

go stick it to the world with it's crazy labels of what we are and what we can do

Never believe a Label!

dxxxx 106

Sandy said...

Love the colors on you new felt.. Hoodies are very cute. Sandy :) #122

Buttons said...

Love that felting (the colours really appeal to me) and the hoodies are great - you have been busy! Hugs, Buttons #70

Karen McAlpine said...

I must say that all of the items on your desk look very interesting. I wonder what you will do with Modge Podge and freezer paper??? that felted piece is uber pretty.
Karen 129

mamapez5 said...

I've used the modge-podge but I'm not sure what the freezer paper is for?!
Isn't it nice when you can get a day working outside. The little hoodies are lovely. Have a good week. Kate x #128

Angie said...

I love your posts ... so full of intersting snipits.I must admit not sure about MP and frezer paper!!but then look what you do with wool in all its forms.xx#81

Di said...

Modge Podge and freezer paper - now I'm wondering Jo! Love the little hoodies. Happy WPYWW, hugs, Di xx

Eliza said...

I am interested in seeing how you go with the new purchases. Oh and those hoodies are so cute, love them.

Thanks for sharing
Eliza #90

sandysewin said...

Oooo, your felting is lovely, the colors are so soft and pretty.

Doncha just love trying out new goodies? Have fun playing!

Happy Woyww,

Sandy #28

Mini said...

Love those cute hoodies.
Sue x (MiniOwner #120)

Samantha Elliott said...

I do like my Freezer paper, preferably when I can find it. I think the Borrowers borrow it sometimes so be warned!
I am just squeeeezing myself into one of those hoodies. I am feeling a little chilled tonight! If my quilt was quilted I would wrap myself in that!
thanks for your visit earlier

JoZart said...

Ooh, I love your posts and sharing your week's makes. Fab hoodies and I can guess who'll be modelling them!
The long shadows indicate the last threads of what little Summer we have salvaged. We had hot sun yesterday, plus a driving hailstorm !!
Love Jo x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I had to put on my jacket while on playground duty yesterday - the sun was lovely but the breeze was keen!
I like the start of the new felted picture, it's so interesting to see the different stage!
Hugs, LLJ '73 xx

Danielle said...

Adorable hoodies! Your felted photo cards turned out lovely. Now I can't wait to see your felted canvas. Dani#16

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

those hoodies are just too darling!!
Mary Jo #40

...the yorkshire fox... said... ingredients to play with, you'll have fun with these Jo, the quote on my blog is very apt for you today...the little hoodies look super, your such an angel...have a super rest of week and thanks for dropping by me...Mel :) #60

Anne said...

Will be looking out to see what you do with the new goodies. The 'hoodies' are so cute. Anne x #149

fairy thoughts said...

You have a beautiful view to inspire you. your hoodies look so cute. not sure what you use the freezer paper for though
thanks for sharing
janet #37

Mrs A. said...

I bought some of that asrtists transfer paper a while ago and have yet to use it. Will pop on ove to the craft barn and see what they have been up to with it. Hugs Mrs A.

RosA said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting and for your kind comment. Mod Podge is great but tends to dry a bit sticky, so usually best not to use as a top coat. I wish I knew what the equivalent to Freezer Paper is (here in Australia) because I'm pretty sure we can't get it here. Happy WOYWW!

trisha too said...

They DO look cozy, but the felty things, those are gorgeous.

And I KNEW you lived in rainbow valley!!!

Happy WOYWW!
:)trisha, #144

Neet said...

Wow - you sound as if life is going to be busier than ever for you with all this new stuff. You are amazing, you and sister do so much but it is a joy to see.
Love those hoodies.
Hugs, Neet xx 17

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Jo, and loved your comment on my blog - the bit about the rainbow - the other day when dad was here he said to my sister cos we were discussing rainbows - he asked "Did you know the double rainbow has colours going backwards on the paler reflected one?" - of course we did not so check that out next time you see one.
Oh and your wee sweaters are gorgeous as are your creative bibs and bobs. Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #25

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Wow! What a great view from your work table in the sun. All that green! I still have a box of freezer paper around that I was doing something brilliant with--tissue paper envelopes if I recall correctly.

Sue from Oregon said...

Love your outdoors spot! It is cooling off here, so not much time to enjoy the sunshine...enjoy while you can! Love all your projects today!

SueH said...

How lovely to be able to craft outside and make the most of the early autumn sunshine.
Your knitting is looking very nice, I can just those little’ens wrapped up snug in those.

Thanks for stopping by this week and good luck in my Candy draw.

Happy Crafting!

Lisa-Jane said...

Oooh I love Mod Podge me! Never used freezer paper though, not even sure what it is! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it all. Thank you for the information about your "dumpfhing" too - I'm learning lots!

sandra de said...

Such gorgeous little hoodies and your outdoor work desk is divine. What a glorious view.

Michele's Scrapy Creations said...

wonderful work desk! love those hoodies~
Michele #156