Wednesday, 15 June 2011

WOYWW - June 15th

Happy Wednesday everyone!
What a busy week including lots of crafting, shopping and even an Elton John concert!

So - my desk needs a good tidy up - I have left out my new picture frames - half price from Dunelm- and the little owl pinny sent to me by a friend that knows me well!

Also, you can see my lovely box of water colour pencils that Wispo gave me - I use them for adding detail to some of my pics. On top of the box, there are two little canvas prints of my latest collage waiting to be posted. (See post below)
Of course, I had to show you my flamingo - daughter M suggested it last week and I had to rise to the challenge. There are lots of them around too - even on the backdrop of the Elton John stage!!

We had a great night - even though it was chilly and a bit damp.
Thanks Elton.

Just a few close ups of some of the other bits and bobs.
M has been busy with little lighthouse pics. I love them. We are going to mount and frame them. She is hoping to open an Etsy shop but if anyone wants one - just email me. (

The little medieval door below has already been sold - as well as a few of her little doorways  - they make lovely "new home" gifts.

Last but not least - the litttle owls on the front of my pinny.
I love owls so I will be having a go at making a few. This one was designed in UK but made in China. - (Ulster Weavers)

Oh - nearly forgot...
If you want to see what I have been really busy with then just check the post below - thanks for all your great comments - we really appreciate your thoughts and interest.

Have a great week everyone - enjoy your blog hopping trip round the WOYWWers by linking with Julia's Stamping Ground - its a fun trip and you never know what or who you might bump into!


Wipso said...

There really are no ends to your talent Jo....and you're my sister :-) I'm so proud of you.
A x

Dragon said...

OH what lovely things you have shared this week and I love the light coming through on to your desk... looks very inviting
Frankie 38 NOT 16

Helen said...

That Elton - he is such a copy cat! Love the stitching this week, how pretty!

Doone said...

I love the owls, or as Pooh ke=new them..Wols,

the wing angles give them real character, as I was saying to Wipso, I am a bit dilatory with dates, and suddenly realised I am in Powys for a week very soon, if you could cope with me....we might go for tea somewhere?


Neet said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures - love those doors especially. Lucky you seeing Elton - what a fab experience. Hugs, Neet 49

Angie said...

I love everything ...such a talented family ...and how lucky were you to see Elton John.
Had a quick catch up of your past week .... WOW that collage from the post card is breathtaking....and the Vdub is fantastic.xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

So are flamingos going to be a recurring theme on your work table each week? And did you like Elton John? I got to see him in the late 80s and he was fabulous.

As for the wipes, after they are dyed, I will use them like any fabric, probably in my quiltlets. They are great and don't stretch like dryer sheets.

Sue said...

Hi hun
oh i bet the concert was fantastic,luv the little doors, beautiful work, thanks for the mooch, happy WOYWW, sue,x

Artyjen said...

Great pics!
xoxo Sioux

Sherry Edwards said...

I saw Elton John once, he was sitting a few rows in front of us at a theatre in the West End and he was with his wife of the time! I love his songs too.

Your watercolour pencils look scrummy - as does everything else on your desk though!

Thanks for already visiting my desk today x

Sherry (21)

sandra de said...

Lovely creative bits on your desk. The set of pencils are to die for... and so are those cards.

Di said...

So many gorgeous things - great stuff! Hugs, Di xx

Cardarian said...

Love your owls! And the doors and everything you are showing us today!

NatashaMay said...

Love this pictures! Happy WOYWW!

Anonymous said...

M's little doorways are great and I LOVE your big box of pencils!

Brenda 73

Sam said...

Loving your bits and pieces you are showing this week. Love the owl on the previous post. He is a handsome Wol!! I love owls too! We have a few screach owls who sit in front and behind our house and "converse" all night - love it!!

Anonymous said...

Lots of lovely paintings etc to see this week. Great fun and what a lovely box of pencils. My box sits mostly unsed in my drawer as \I am not great at the free hand stuff and colour rarely even with the promarkers these days.
x Tricia (64)

Kathleen said...

So much creativity I'm in awe. Sorry I can't help myself I'm drooling over the box of pencils too much for a pencilholic.
Kathleen x

Mrs A. said...

M's door ways are terrific and as for that box of pencils where do you live cos i'm coming for them.!!
Hugs Mrs M.

Elizabeth said...

Your desk looks great this week. That garden, Postcard from Wales, was a particular favourite of the Chelsea Flower Show this year and your collage is such a lovely reminder. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #79

okienurse said...

Great post today. Looks like you have been busy this week. Love the pics you are going to be framing! I love door ways and window boxes etc. We don't have them here and I am fascinated by them! Elton John is awesome in person Quite the showman. Have a great week! Thanks for sharing! Vickie #46

famfa said...

Love M's pics - they are brilliant. Absolutely love the camper van pic. Can't wait to get my hands on a sewing machine to do some free sewing. Love it love it.

SueH said...

I always love visiting your blog Jo because your pictures are just so beautiful.
It’s great that it’s running in the family too so I hope that M’s Esty shop takes off and she does well from it, she and you deserve it.

Loving the little Owls by the way!

Happy Crafting!

SueH said...

Hi Jo, in answer to your question about flower dies I know that Sizzix, CrossKutz and Ellison will all definitely cut through most thicknesses of material and I would think that things like Spellbinder and Quickutz (the thin dies) would also work but only on thin fabric, mind you I’ve never tried it myself.

I have the Tim Holtz tattered flower die so if you would like some cut, send me some pieces of fabric 5 ½ by 6 ins and I’ll cut them and send them back to you.


SueH said...

Sorry, should have said you can email me Here


Maggie's Crafts said...

So glad you had a lovely time at the concert!

Great creations!

Thank you for sharing. :)

Maggie #115

Spyder said...

I love those owls!! These are all fabulous! (I was in on Wednesday honest!! )happy woyww

porterinpoppet said...

Hi Jo
I feel "almost" important - your "Postcard from Wales" has taken me right back to RHS Chelsea - it's wonderful.
Clever lady
Lots of love
Roz xxxx

Suz said...

Congratulations on another sale
Only to be expected though so lovely and thanks for Noonoo...will do a posting on Monday..Phil's Birthday and he will have seen it
Hugs Suz x

Debs said...

Gosh the lighthouse is fabulous, they are all fabulous but the lighthouse is the fabulousest! xx

Morti said...

I'm loving my medieval doorway, though Mr B wants me to send it on as a card and share the love around! I want to frame it and put it on the wall! We'll see who wins....

The lighthouses are gorgeous too - what's next? Beach huts? Ooh, thinking about it - M should get do a picture of the Low Lighthouse in Burnham on Sea. She might sell a few of those! Thanks for stopping by!