Thursday, 25 November 2010

Craft fair goodies!

 Here are just a few of the goodies we are taking to the Montgomery Craft Fair on Saturday!

All the items in this picture have been made over the last year and are already in our blog shop.

(Click on the Poppy picture link on the right of my blog if you would like to check out the rest of the items in the shop!)

The items below are not in the blog shop so you would need to leave a message in my comments and I will get back to you, if you would like to buy any of them. (Postage extra)

 The sock dolls posed so nicely for this snap.
Snow bunny snuggled down in her own cosy little bag and Zebra thought she would blink when the flash went off, so she kept her eyes wide open!
Scruffy sat quietly for a change and the others just mooched in the corner.

Sock dolls, like these, are not toys for children under three, as they have buttons and attached bits and bobs.  Snow bunny in bag £10.50
Others £7.50

These little tissue box covers come with or without a box of tissues. ( Cheaper to post without)
£5 with Kleenex cube
£3.50 without.

My last two items are made from re-cycled sweaters.
The cushion is made from a pure wool, made in Scotland sweater. It has a front, buttoned opening and is about 12" x 12". £18

The tea pot cosy is made from a gorgeous pure wool Fairisle- style jumper and has a detachable brooch in toning colours on the front. £9

Wipso made these gorgeous little Christmas creatures.
The little Christmas mice have ribbons so that they can hang on your tree. They are about 3" tall.£2.75

The teddies can also hang on your tree and have a little poem as well.£1.75


Wipso said...

Wahoooo doesn't it all look great. I'm getting really excited now.
A x

tammykingdon said...

Love the cushion cover and teacosy- hope you do well!

Susan said...

Wow! Love that cute.
Susan xxox #12

BumbleVee said...

Good luck and have fun at the Fair.

Wow... you are always soooo busy.... wish I could get myself going again... although, I have to say...even when I do "go" sure isn't very quick or very prolific in comparison to most who do crafting....I'm a slowpoke... but, it's all fun....

Nikki-ann said...

I forgot all about the craft fair in Monty. Ah well, I hope it went well. The sock dolls look great. I think Zebra is my fave!