Thursday, 8 October 2009

Our postman is delivering lovely parcels!

This gorgeous little Hush pillow - filled with lavender - was sent to me by Pipany. She has a lovely website for all her beautiful cushions, bags, tea cosies and lots more pretty gifts. Her blog is a delightful chronicle of life in Cornwall, full of amazing photos of the sea, the seasons and her busy life. To find out for yourself go to
As you can see, I hung my little pillow on my side of the bed and the lavender fragrance has certainly helped me to sleep better! I think lavender is making a real come-back. My friend Calico Kate has been making little lavender sachets from vintage doilies. What a clever bunch you all are!!!


Wipso said...

I hope it has helped with the old man's snoring for you too :-) A x

Calico Kate said...

Oh Twiglet! Thank you for the mention.
Have just caught up with Wipsos activities and thought I would pop over here and catch up with yours. I am suppsed to be in my sewing room but it has been such ages that I sat and read blogs I just can't seem to get away!

mountainear said...

That little sachet is beautiful indeed - I'm very proud to have met it in real life.

When I am Rich said...

My grandmother liked a lavender perfume so I always associated the scent with old people and wanted nothing to do with it! But just lately I've been experimenting with aromatherapy and find that I really like lavender.
I don't feel old - but perhaps my nose is ageing!