Friday, 9 January 2009

I made a "toile"!

What is a "toile"?

Even my sewing sister wasn't sure on this one.

Its what tailors and dressmakers do when making a special garment.

"They may create a mock-up garment (a toile) using calico if using expensive fabrics, inviting the client to a first fitting. This provides the opportunity to make design alterations before the tailor/dressmaker cuts, pins and sews the chosen fabric"

We bought a beautiful length of woollen fabric to make a cosy, short jacket.
The paper pattern was duly cut out and paper pieces pinned together and tried on. Alterations to the pattern were made so that the jacket would fit perfectly, but being ever cautious, (grandma always said "measure twice - cut once") I wanted to be sure before cutting into the gorgeous coat fabric.
Hence - I made a "toile"!
I cut the pattern out in some drab, pale green sheeting and quickly stitched the main pattern pieces together.
Of course my sister moaned about the colour as she hates green but the little toile did the trick. It fitted perfectly and gave me the confidence to cut out the jacket.
Two sewing days later and "voila" a beautiful, little, grey jacket that fitted perfectly and really suits the other half of the "scissor sisters"!
I would post a photo if she would stay still long enough for me to snap one!



My sister did a tailoring course at college. She made some lovely outfits including a beautifully fitting suit which you wouldn't have a chance of getting off the peg.

I do admire people who are talented in this area.

I'm afraid sewing a button on is about my limit.

mountainear said...

Fantastic bit of advice - measure twice, cut once. As good as 'engage brain'.

Wipso said...

Hehehe actually Scissor Sister did know what one was but she didn't know what one was called :-) and for anyone interested we made another one yesterday but this one was bright yellow....anything is better than green.


Just popped over to say hello abd thank you for visitng my blog. I love your rainbow picture btw. TF

Kathy said...

ooooh you reminded me of doing the coursework for my Needlework/Dress A level! Mind you no way would I fit anywhere near the toile patterns that fitted me then! ahhm skinny days!
Thanks for visiting my blogs and leaving such a nice message